Zac Poonen teaches about sexual sin, and how to overcome it.

It is a fact that Sexual attraction starts at the age of 12-13yrs, and its always a wonder why God made us that way.
One of the reasons is that God wanted us in our young age to fight sexual sin, to become victorious over temptation. Its normal to have sexual desires, but its important to stay strong and stand.

Zac Poonen emphasizes that Jesus had the same sexual desires when He was growing up, and was tempted exactly like we are or were, going through his boy to adult life very much like we do, but He did not waver or fall, He did not give in to His desires, so the question is how He handled it, He should be your role model, studying and involving Him in all decisions that involve sexual attraction.
Don’t get discouraged if you lose the battle against sex, keep fighting, it doesn’t matter how many times you have lost the battle.
There are many images that come through videos or television, and the image is hard to get out of your mind, sexual stories and images have a tendency of sticking in your mind for your entire lifetime, and which is why its is important to feed your mind with helpful images and information to help you overcome temptation.