Sports Illustrated SportsKid of the Year 2012

An amazing Journey.... This is the essense of what God expresses as Love, a total and unconditional action of kindness, charity, selflessness.

Sports Illustrated SportsKid of the Year 20122013-07-19T19:16:23+00:00

Mercy Me Video – I Can Only Imagine

I've heard this song many times… It's one of my favorites. But it wasn't until I saw this video, with the band

Mercy Me Video – I Can Only Imagine2013-04-07T07:00:47+00:00

Are You Ready For Jesus To Come Back?

A very short but great clip that will surely strike us on how prepared we are for Jesus' Second Coming. Yes, He

Are You Ready For Jesus To Come Back?2013-03-12T03:21:58+00:00

Noah’s Ark

This is a video of a Dutch Christian named Johan Huibers who built a replica of Noah's ark because of a testament

Noah’s Ark2013-02-20T06:07:38+00:00

A Girl Named Beautiful

This is a touching story of the Wens. After twenty years they were blessed with a baby that they found on the

A Girl Named Beautiful2013-02-15T06:23:42+00:00

A Love Letter From God

The message here comes from the very heart of our Loving and Almighty Heavenly Father. Watch and experience God's great love through

A Love Letter From God2013-01-09T04:49:41+00:00

Christmas – Joseph’s Lullaby

    Can you imagine an earthly father expecting to lose his son one day for a greater purpose? Watch and listen

Christmas – Joseph’s Lullaby2012-12-22T19:34:49+00:00
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