Sid Roth Interviews John McTernan – How to Heal a Broken Heart

[embedplusvideo height="315" width="560" editlink="" standard="" vars="ytid=DEXxEsoZIl4&width=560&height=315&start=105&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=1&react=1&chapters=&notes=" id="ep9012" /] God can heal a broken heart that is laden with depression, anxiety, uncertainty, sadness

Sid Roth Interviews John McTernan – How to Heal a Broken Heart2014-02-17T00:57:11+00:00

Sid Roth Speaks with Robert Gay

Robert Gay received an anointing at the age of 12, which transformed the rest of His life. In 1988, Robert and His

Sid Roth Speaks with Robert Gay2013-11-18T05:48:20+00:00

Sid Roth Interviews Sandra Kennedy

[youtube id="pcGGi9wmFoE" width="600" height="350" autoplay="no" api_params="" class=""][/youtube]Sandra Kennedy speaks to Sid Roth about miraculous healing. She recounts when her upper lip was

Sid Roth Interviews Sandra Kennedy2013-10-03T03:19:11+00:00

Sid Roth Interviews John Benefiel

Sid Roth explores the strongholds of the Demon world in an interview with John Benefiel. The spiritual world is often a subject

Sid Roth Interviews John Benefiel2020-09-12T22:23:45+00:00

Thurman Scrivner – Questions Part 2

A lady asks, “You said that you had the vision of praying from the third heaven, so would the scripture for this

Thurman Scrivner – Questions Part 22013-02-06T07:00:05+00:00
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