“Feb. 1, 1847. Before breakfast I took a direction in my usual morning’s walk, in which I had not been for many weeks, feeling drawn in that direction, just as if God had an intention in leading me in that way. Returning home I met a Christian gentleman whom formerly I used to meet almost every morning, but whom I had not met for many weeks, because I had not been walking in that direction. He stopped me and gave me £2 for the Orphans. Then I knew why I had been led thus; for there is not yet enough in hand, to supply the matrons tomorrow evening with the necessary means for house-keeping during another week.

“Feb. 4. Yesterday nothing had come in. This morning, just before I was going to give myself to prayer about the Orphans, a sister in the Lord sent a sovereign, which she had received, as she writes, ‘From a friend who had met the Orphan Boys, and was particularly pleased with their neat and orderly appearance.’ After having received this £1, I prayed for means for present use, though not confining my prayers to that. About a quarter of an hour after I had risen from my knees, I received a Setter, with an order for £5. The donor writes, that it is ‘the proceeds of a strip of land, sold to the railway company.’ What various means does the Lord employ to send us help, in answer to our prayers!”

This video series is based on the book “Answers To Prayer” From George Müller’s Narratives.  In the next video, we will learn how trials of faith continued in Muller’s life.