Later on, when there were nearly 100 persons to be maintained, and the funds were reduced to about £20, Mr. Müller writes:

“July 22, 1838. This evening I was walking in our little garden, meditating on Heb. 13:8, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.” Whilst meditating on His unchangeable love, and power and wisdom, etc., both to my present spiritual and temporal circumstances: all at once the present need of the Orphan-House was brought to my mind. Immediately I was led to say to myself, Jesus in His love and power has hitherto supplied me with what I have needed for the Orphans, and in the same unchangeable love and power He will provide me with what I may need for the future. A flow of joy came into my soul whilst realising thus the unchangeableness of our adorable Lord. About one minute after, a letter was brought me, enclosing a bill for £20. In it was written: “Will you apply the amount of the enclosed bill to the furtherance of the objects of your Scriptural Knowledge Society, or of your Orphan Establishment, or in the work and cause of our Master in any way that He Himself, on your application to Him, may point out to you. It is not a great sum, but it is a sufficient provision for the exigency of today; and it is for to-day’s exigencies, that, ordinarily, the Lord provides. Tomorrow, as it brings its demands, will find its supply, etc.”

“Of this £20 I took £10 for the Orphan fund, and £10 for trip other objects, and was thus enabled to meet the expenses of about £34 which, in connection with the Orphan- Houses, came upon me within four days afterwards, and which I knew beforehand would come.”

This video series is based on the book “Answers To Prayer” From George Müller’s Narratives. In the next video you will see  God’s great provision for George Müller’s need to support 3 houses of orphans.