This easy read is full of candor and truth. Filled with many direct quotes from precocious Colton, who became obsessed with telling the world how much Jesus loves children, the story outlines his eventual revelation about what heaven looks like, who inhabits the City of gold, what people– including Jesus and God– look like, who sits at the left hand of God and what happens to children who die.

In the book, Heaven Is For Real, Pastor Todd Burpo retells the story of his young son’s near-death experience and subsequent revelations about his visit to heaven. The book immediately hooks the reader with a gripping recounting of some of the family’s medical and financial struggles and continues its hold by offering some astonishing revelations that no pre-schooler could know.

When trying to come up with a title for the book, the Burpo’s editor asked Colton what he wanted the book to tell people. Colton, then about nine years old, said simply, “I want them to know that heaven is for real.”

Colton was granted a very special glimpse into heaven and a miraculous recovery in order to tell about it. The story is a must-read for anyone who has has a miscarriage, abortion or has lost a child or a loved one.  It’s also an encouragement for anyone who fears death (as I did shortly after my mother died), or for anyone wanting a booster shot of faith that heaven, is indeed, for real.

I would encourage you to pick up a copy or two to read for yourself and to share with others.