Looking for more teaching on  how to navigate the courts of heaven?  Here’s a page which lists some good videos and books on how to operate in the courts of heaven and get your prayers answered.

This is some of the BEST teaching I have heard on how to get results when praying – how to get answers to prayer quickly.  I’ve personally used Thurman Scrivner’s teaching on praying from the third heaven and I’ve seen good results with that too.  But this teaching by Robert Henderson on working in the courts of heaven shares some of the keys to giving God the legal right to release blessing on yourself and others.

Robert shares that the reason we don’t get answers to our prayers, and get them quickly, is not because God is not releasing them, but because we are in a conflict – a battle.  The conflict is not here on earth, but rather it is a courtroom in the heavenlies.

Sometimes, when we are trying to push through, we will start to get hit by the enemy because we haven’t bothered to get legal things in place in the courtrooms of God, first.  Once we get judgements in place, we can make decrees against the enemy, and he has to obey them.

When you get off the battlefield, and into the courtroom, things happen speedily.

My favorite testimony that Robert Henderson shares is a testimony about his son, Adam.  Adam had become very depressed for 2 years, and nothing that Robert did was helping him.  No amount of praying was helping him.

And then God said to Robert, “Bring Adam to my courts.”

So Robert went before the throne of God and proceeded to work in a legal fashion, to bring God’s will for Adam to this earth.  Watch the video above starting at about the 14 minute mark to hear this amazing testimony of how Robert finally figured out what he needed to do to help his son.