All That Jesus Taught : Bible Study Part 9 | Zac Poonen

We continue our study today on ‘All That Jesus Taught’ basing our study in obedience to Jesus command in Matthew 28:20. The way he told us to go to every nation and teach people to actually do all that Jesus commanded. Not everybody in the world but disciples. We got to preach the gospel, forgiveness of sins to the whole world but when it comes to all that Jesus taught we are to teach that to the disciples. There is no use telling worldly young converted people all that Jesus taught. He said, first make them disciples (Matthew 28:19) and then teach them to do all that I have commanded. If you don’t make a person a disciple it’s pointless trying to teach him all that Jesus commanded. It would just be head knowledge which has no interest in following.

We have multitudes of Christians today who sit in churches, listening to all that Jesus commanded but with no interest in following it, no interest in doing it. Their leaders don’t do it and they don’t do it. That is not what Jesus is speaking of here. The church can become strong. A church that the gates of hell will never prevail again, never overcome. If he first makes disciples and then teach them to do, not teach the world but teach these disciples who have forsaken all to follow Christ. Teach them to do every single thing that Jesus commanded. I believe God wants little groups of people like this, New Testament churches all across the world everywhere. The mark of this New testament Church should be that they do everything that Jesus commanded. For example: They seek to love one another as Christ loved them so that all people will know that they are Christ disciples. This is God’s will. This is why we have been looking at the things Jesus taught at the beginning in Matthew 4 where we have been concentrating our studies the last few sessions. We look now at Matthew 4:19, we looked at it partially in our last study where Jesus turned to face Simon, Peter, and Andrew and told them. Follow me and I will make you Fishers of men. We looked at what that command “follow me implies” in our last study. We want to look at the rest of the verse now, what Jesus taught. Let’s read slowly. I feel that many Christians don’t read the bible slowly, they don’t meditate on it, they don’t think about the words.

Therefore they miss what God has for them, much more important than you’re going through the Bible 50 times in a year. Is the bible going through you once a year? I don’t want to get into the Guinness World Book of Records but as how many times I read through the Bible or how many verses in the Bible I have memorized. I am not in a competition with anybody in those issues. It’s good to read through the Bible many times. It’s good to memorize huge portion of the Scripture if you can apply them in your life. Claim those promises, obey those commands otherwise it’s pointless. It’s head knowledge. It can only puff you up but much more important is to let the Bible go through you. One of the prayers that I have prayed myself and I continue to pray is “Lord before I leave this earth, I want to obey every single commandment that you have given me to obey” especially in the New Testament. There are many commands to Israel. In the old covenant they are not for me, like sacrificing lambs and keeping the Sabbath day, etc. but every command that is meant for me in scripture. I want to obey 100% before I leave this earth. And secondly “Lord, before I leave this earth. I want to claim every promise that you have given in the New Testament for me.” There are promises to Israel which I am not interested in claiming, promises to Abraham which I am not interested in but the promises for me the child of God, every single one of them whether in the Old Testament or The New Testament, I want to claim them before I leave this earth. Isn’t that a good kind to pray? Why should I leave this earth ignoring certain sections of scripture, ignoring certain commandments, ignoring certain promises?