Tito, Contributing Writer and Webmaster

Tito loves to write, and spends most of his time reading and researching. He is a professional Electronics Engineer who works from home as a consultant, and, on occasion, does content and marketing consulting with web based companies. Above all, Tito has a passion for Christ, and finds satisfaction in playing his part in God’s grand plan of salvation. He loves playing the piano, guitar and song writing.


Kriziela, Administrative Assistant

Kriziela is a dedicated wife to her loving husband and a hands-on mom to her adorable 1 year old daughter. She is a registered nurse who has chosen to work from home which gives her precious time raising her daughter.

Kriziela enjoys glorifying the Lord and ministering to others through her work.


Michael, Graphics Designer/Webmaster

Michael took my rather plain website and turned it into a warm and inviting place to be. I am constantly amazed with the designs he creates and so very thankful for his God given artistic talent.

Michael is married to a beautiful, loving wife and is blessed with 4 children. He works for the government but also takes online projects during his free time to support his family.

Michael enjoys being the graphics designer of the site because it has encouraged him in his faith and he’s become closer to the Lord.


Ramon, Video Editor/Producer

Ramon has created numerous videos for the site. He is an Electronics Engineer who is also family-oriented. During his free time, he loves to read. He is also enjoys Basketball and Baseball.