Let us know you’re taking the challenge!

History has proven and personal lives give testimony:  PRAYER WORKS.

Wouldn’t you like to have a vibrant, active, productive prayer life that is transforming and sees God at work? Join us in the Prayer Challenge.

Start by spending just five minutes a day, using some of the tips and prayer requests you find here. Prayer is just a conversation with God that involves both speaking and listening. Many times we find it easy to call out to God when we have an urgent need, but He wants to have constant communication with us. He desires that we not only come to Him with our needs, but also with our words of appreciation and thanksgiving.

Our challenge to you is to participate in the Prayer Challenge. Start with just five minutes a day and work up to at least an hour a day. It may sound like a lot to start, but as you begin to spend time with God, you will find that it is such a valuable time that you will want more and more.

We’d love to hear from you as you participate in this challenge. Post your struggles and victories as you seek to meet the Lord regularly in prayer. Share your prayer requests and the ways that you see God at work on the Prayer Request Page. Encourage others through your own process.