How many of you have ever heard Emily Dobson’s testimony about her battle with cancer? Has anybody heard it? Praise God. How long did it take that little lady to get healed when she learned God’s power? It took a year. Here is a little woman that had been raised in a denominational church, but had no knowledge of God’s word. She had had 13 surgeries by the time she was 53 years old. And now she is sick and tired of being sick and tired, so she wants to just die. This is especially true when lupus comes on her and her doctor tells her it is over Emily. The doctor offered to prolong her life a little longer with another surgery. She said, “Forget it. I am not going to go through that again.

She had been over visiting some little Pentecostal church similar to this one. She filled out a visitation card. The pastor heard she was sick, so he went down to the hospital and talked to her. After she told him what was wrong he said to her, “Emily, do you want to live or die?”

She said, “What do you mean do I want to live or die?”

He said, “Honey you have a choice.”

She said, “I have a choice?”

He said, “Sure! Jesus healed you on the cross. He has given you power over the devils. He told you in 1 Cor. 3:21 that everything is yours. Life is yours and death is yours. The world is yours. Things in the present and things in the future all belong to you.”

She said, “I never heard anybody talk like this in my life. I have a choice whether I want to live?”

He said, “Yes! By the stripes of Jesus you were healed.”

She said, “Nobody ever told me that.”

He said, “If you were healed by the stripes of Jesus; then if you let the devil beat you up and kill you with this cancer, he will be killing you by deception. It is your choice. You can fight the battle and take God’s word and win it or you can lay there and die and lose it.”

She said, “I never heard anybody say that. I want to live. I am only 53.”

He said, “All right then. I will start fighting the battle with you, but you will have to take the authority and beat the devil away in Jesus name.”

So this little woman started. She had only two verses to start off with, which wasn’t a lot of weaponry to come against the enemy with. Still she used them for three months and for three months she didn’t get any worse. Then she went off down to Tennessee. Her friend said, “I want you to go to a meeting with me. I am going to one of Brother Norval Hayes’ meetings.”

She said, “I never heard of Norval Hayes.” Unfortunately lots of people never heard of him, but he is one of the greatest faith teachers there are today. She went down there and sat through a week’s worth of teachings. She was in excruciating pain, but she said, “I learned things from God’s word and at the end of the meeting he invited us who needed prayer to come up and be prayed for. I had already made a covenant with God when I learned that by his stripes I was healed. I got a piece of paper one day and I sat down and wrote this down. Lord, because it says in your word with your stripes I am healed, on this day I am healed from this day forward.” She had signed her name to this.

She continues. “When I went to his meeting, at the end of the meeting he invited people to come up for prayer. I asked my friend who I came with should I go up there and let that man pray for me?”

Her friend replied, “Well I don’t know. Ask God.” I thought that was pretty good advice. Don’t you?

So Emily said, “Lord, should I go up and let this man pray for me? I was awestruck. God spoke to me.”

God said, “Is it settled or not? Did you mean what you said when you wrote that article down and said by his stripes I am healed? Is it settled or not?”

She said, “Yes Lord it is settled.”

Then God said, “Then you don’t need to go up and let Brother Norval pray for you.” Isn’t that amazing? He said, “All you need to do is stand on my word.”

That woman began to get violent with God’s word. She began to tell the devil where he had to go. She fought that battle day in and day out. She began to get better. After nine more months that devil finally completely left her. Today that woman is about 70 years old and has not had one minute of sickness since that day.

Now for the first 53 years of her life she didn’t know these things. She was beat up on by the devil and had 13 surgeries. Now she is so angry at the devil. She said, “To think that I didn’t have to have any of those surgeries, but I didn’t know that Jesus healed me on the cross.” Boy when you hear her testimony, she is an awesome story. She is on fire! She knows the devil is never going to make her sick again. She is a fighting little woman. I never had the privilege to meet her, but I hope I do run across her some day because she is a fighter. She is teaching the body of Christ how to overcome the devil. She is doing a great work for the kingdom.

This devil that we are fighting, I ask you again how much power do we have over him? All power. I just wanted to make sure you all hadn’t forgotten that already. It appears that most of us forget that. Now if we have all authority over the enemy and he must be subject to us then what else can we do?