It is amazing what the scripture teaches you, but finally 2,000 years ago Jesus came to this earth, walked as a man and showed you and me what a man can do. He laid down his total deity and he came here. Because he was born from the Father but of a woman he was earthly. He had an earth suit. Since man lost the earth, he had to find a man who could swing this thing back to man. To do that Jesus had to be virgin born. If he was not from the Father then he was from Adam and Eve and would have received the taint of evil from them, was not divine, and therefore could not enter the legal battle to gain the earth. He was Satan’s slave just like we were.

Still he was unique. He was from the Father and, in him, since there was no sin, Satan had no claim to him. Now the battle raged for 33 years to kill this man, with the greatest intensity. The battle raged between Satan and Jesus. He tried everything he knew. He did his best and his worst in those days to try to get Jesus to fall one time in relation to his Father. If he had succeeded then you and I would have been eternally condemned. He was the only many who could have one back what we gave away.

Man’s eyes have been blinded by the god of this world. Man’s eyes are still blinded by the god of this world. We find right here in 2Cor. 4 that if there is any lost, anybody in your family today that is lost, and you were lost at one time, every one of us was lost. Somebody somewhere had to petition God before you could be saved. God has limited himself on the earth to the prayers of faith of the church. If you have been so dense in thinking that my loved one or my children, I will just let them do what they want to do, and if it be God’s will then they will come into the kingdom and get saved, you are foolish. I can assure you that the devil of this world will blind their minds and they will never come to know Christ. I could not understand why I could walk up to people and tell them this magnificent thing and this magnificent story and they would just walk off as if they had a glaze over their eyes.

And the thing that began to really startle me was when people were born again Christians and I could walk up to them and tell them about how just was on a magnificent vent of healing or deliverance and they just have a glaze over their eyes like nothing happened. I am like Brother John. “Praise God! Jesus made a touchdown. Let’s praise him.” And people just kind of roll their eyes and walk on. What is wrong with us?


And then I began to realize that in Matt. 13 and Mark 4 and Luke 8 the answer was there. When anyone hears the word of the kingdom, and does not fully understand it, the evil one, who is Satan, comes immediately and steals the word out of your heart. Now I don’t understand how this beast can penetrate your being and go right inside your chest into your heart and the words that you just heard with your ears, that have vibrated through your being, and came all the way down into your heart; how when you walk out that door the devil can have a demon standing at the door. He just reaches into your heart and steals every word you got. If you didn’t fully understand it, he can do that.

That is why I have started teaching the word of God with such simplicity and such simple words. I want to put it on the bottom shelf for the smallest children can get the cookies. I don’t want to use these big fancy words that you don’t understand. As an engineer or a mechanic or a mechanical engineer or a guy who was trained on the farm, I want to use simply terms that everybody can understand. There are no big words in my vocabulary. I want it simple. I want you to understand the power of the devil to deceive u and the power of the devil to blind your minds as a Christian and the power of the devil to blind the minds of the lost. It doesn’t make sense at all that you can tell someone that is lost that Jesus loves you, paid the price for you, and every sin you’ve committed he has forgiven, it is washed away by the blood and you you need to say is “Lord I want you,” and he will forgive you, save you, and bring you into the kingdom, and they say, “I’m not interested. I don’t want that stuff.” But now you know why they don’t want that stuff. Their eyes have been blinded by the god of this world, which is Satan.

But Christians, you tell them that Jesus is the healer. “Yeah I know he could heal, but I don’t know what his will is.” You offer to talk about it and he says, “No, I don’t want to talk about it. I go to a certain kind of church and my preacher doesn’t teach that kind of stuff so I know this is not real. You can go over there. That’s okay, but we will just go to the doctor and take our chances.” And that is Christians, people that are going to go to heaven. I know you don’t know any Christians like that. I don’t know but a few thousand of them.

You can show it to them right in the word and they still won’t get it. There is a devil here blinding their minds. How many of you have been to a good service, where you learned some great things, and when you got ready to go out of there you ware on fire. The next morning somebody asks where you went yesterday. You answer, “Man I went over to a church service and we had a great service.” Your friend asks what the preacher preached on? “It sure was good, but I don’t remember.” None of you all ever did that besides me have you? Now guess who stole those words out of your heart? The enemy did. He’s got a demon checked at the door out there. When you walk out, if you learned anything good, he’s going to steal it from you.


If you come and you got healed, he is going to attack your mind. He is going to put a pain and a symptom back on you. I so appreciate what Brother John tells you all about how you must believe Jesus. I got a hold of this myself several years ago. I had a woman, of course me being in a Baptist church I still claim to be Baptist. You would be amazed the people who will come to a healing school in a Baptist church who would never come to a Pentecostal church. But the Pentecostals, praise God, they don’t care. They will come to the Baptist church to listen to a Baptist guy speak because they already heard about healing. They don’t care.

I had this one woman and her husband, their minds had been blinded by the god of this world. They were both born again. Her daddy was a Baptist preacher. Her granddaddy was a Baptist preacher. Her daddy and her granddaddy both had no revelation like what I have from God’s word. This precious little middle-aged woman had her own children. She has a couple of little grand-babies now. She has had migraine headaches for years. She has had arthritis for years in her knees. Now she has come down with lung cancer. Lung cancer, the doctor says, is terminal. He wants to give her chemo and radiation. Chemo and radiation destroys the body. I don’t care what anybody tells you, I can guarantee you, except God intervene, if you let the devil come upon you in cancer and you go to the doctor and take chemo and radiation, in some cases they may put it in suspension there for a little while. I can assure you, in a few years, it will not only come back, it will come back with a vengeance. Your immune system is destroyed. You are going to die a terrible death in a very short period of time. And in the process you have paid them a quarter to a half a million dollars for their services. That is the devil’s way.


If you want to know where demons horde up, go to a hospital. There are more demons at a hospital than any place around. That is where they are. That is not God’s way. The doctors are not God’s way. God doesn’t need a doctor. He is the best physician I have ever seen in my life. Tonight I will tell you in detail about the most awesome thing I have ever seen the Lord do, what I saw him do a year and a half ago in Cook’s Medical Center. I saw him clean out Cook’s Medical Center as I walked through there, with all these babies. I am telling you of things I saw the Lord do, just absolutely awesome things. I will tell you tonight in detail. Of course, I have been teaching a healing school for a long time, but I knew what God would do if I would stay in total bold faith and be willing to guarantee his words. As I did, he showed up for me.

But this woman, that was a Baptist preacher’s daughter, her and her husband, because I was a Baptist and was having a healing school in a Baptist church, they came. She told me she would never have come to a healing school if you had been some crazy Pentecostal. That’s how we look at each other. Isn’t that a shame? We need to realize that we are all members of the body of Christ. Forget this hang up on denominations. We are here studying the same book. God has given some of us different revelations. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t look at your denomination. He looks at your willingness to get into his word and believe it.

Anyway, this Baptist woman and her husband came to my healing school. They heard things in four hours of teaching they had never heard in God’s word, but I was reading out of the same Bible they were reading out of and confirming everything I said.

They didn’t have quit enough faith, so the next month they came back. The next month they came back and that time she came for healing. She said, “Man, I didn’t know these things. The things you have taught us, we got some of your tapes and listened to those tapes day and night for the last month. I am absolutely amazed at what is in this book that I didn’t know.” Well, if I were to continue to study another 20 years I am sure that I would be amazed at the things that are in there that I still don’t know. It is an awesome book. Nobody ever masters the word of God. It is just two in depth.
Anyway, I came up to her and I asked, “What is wrong with you honey?”

With her husband by her side she said, “I have had migraine headaches for years. I have had problems with arthritis in both knees and have a real problem walking. Now I have been diagnosed with lung cancer.”

I said, “I have all power and authority over all the power of the enemy. I am going to rebuke your pain because Jesus bore your pain. That demon of pain is going to leave you now in the name of Jesus.” And I reached up and put my hand on her head and rebuked the spirit of pain. I quoted Isaiah 34. I said, “Jesus bore her pain, so you Satan have no power over her. I command you to leave. Now woman, tell me if you still have a headache?”

She said, “My goodness! T is gone! The pain is gone!”

I said, “Praise God! That is the first step.” She is already jumping up and down. Now then, I bent down and put my hand on her knees and I rebuked that spirit of arthritis and commanded that thing to leave her because she has already made sure she confessed all her sin. Then the pain in her knees goes away. Then I laid my hands on her and commanded the demon of cancer to leave her and she be healed.”

She said, “Wow! I can breathe! I feel so good!”


I said, “Honey, don’t go by feelings. Don’t go by feelings. Only go by what is written. This is the secret. The devil will come back. He can come back and put symptoms upon you. Until you give him legal right with your tongue, he cannot come back to destroy you. Whatever you do, recognize the fact that the enemy does not take this laying down simply. When you go home today, right now you are going by what you feel. You have no headache, no knee problems, no pain in your knees and you are breathing well, you know in your mind that you are healed because of the way you feel. Tonight or tomorrow or next week or next month, when the enemy comes back and puts symptoms upon you, you must not receive those symptoms because he is coming back for a counter attack. If he comes back for a counter attack and you yield to it then he will bring that set of demons back and seven more who are more wicked than the first ones and will kill you very quickly. You must not yield to symptoms from the enemy. Our Savior defeated him on the cross completely 2000 years ago.”

She listened to me. They went home that night and when they went home that night she felt wonderful. She got home that evening and said, “I have never felt so good. But about 1 o’clock in the morning I woke up. I woke my husband up saying honey there is something wrong.”

He said, “What is it?”


She said, “I feel something crawling under the skin on my face.” What do you think that was? It was a demon, a scorpion, one of Satan’s creatures that had pierced her skin, went in there and got under her skin. Now that he was under her skin and she could literally feel him crawling under her skin, she said, “Something is fixing to happen to my face. I just know it.”

He said, “Honey there is nothing wrong with your face.” All of a sudden the whole side of her face turned blood red. What do most people do when something like that happens? You panic! And if I hadn’t trained them well, that is what they would have done. He panicked. He said, “Honey, call 911.”

She said, “No you’re not. Remember Thurman told us this is exactly what the devil was going to do. We are going to take those promises he showed us in God’s word. We are going to rebuke that devil and he’s going to leave me.” Praise God for a Baptist woman who believes God’s word. See there are some of them out there who are not Pentecostal that still believe. It is all a matter of training them from the word of God. This little woman and her husband began to rebuke this devil.

She said, “I never felt so stupid in my life, talking to something I couldn’t see when I had all the symptoms, but I did it. After about an hour or two the thing began to withdraw and go away.”

He said, “Honey it is going away.”

She said, “It has to go away. It is a demon and we have authority over him. All of a sudden I felt the coloring going away, I felt it going across my chin. I felt it going across my chin and it is coming on this side.” Then the other side of her face broke out blood red. You must remember who you are fighting against. You must remember that it is the devil and you have all power over him in the name of Jesus. You don’t yield to symptoms. They continued to fight their battle.

Hours later he would go down, then he would come upon her back. A few hours later he would go down and then come up on top of her breasts. Then he would go down and come up on her side. They fought this battle for 8 days. What did I tell you? Don’t give up. Whatever you do, realize that is a demon and you as a child of the king of the universe have been given all power over him and he has to be subject to you. You are fighting a battle that takes diligence and intensity to win. After 8 days that demon finally left that woman’s body. Two years later she has never had a reoccurrence. That woman has never had another migraine headache, never had another arthritis pain problem in her knees. A year later her doctor finally called her and said, “Ruth Anne, I want you to come down here and I at least want to check you.”

She said, “I’m doing fine. I am healed. Jesus healed me.”

He said, “I’ve got the record here with the x-rays where you had cancer in your lungs and it can’t be gone.”

She said, “I’m telling you, I have learned that Jesus is the healer and I am never going to be sick again. If you want to just give me a check up and you don’t want to charge me for it then I will come down there and let you x-ray me if you want to.”

He said, “I want to see what you look like.” She went down there. He did the tests and checked her and when he got through he said, “Ruth Anne, I don’t know what you are doing, but whatever it is you need to keep it up. There is not a sign of cancer in your lungs.” We can praise the Lord for those kinds of things.

We give up too easily. I am going to tell you that the average person, even in the church that doesn’t know these things, and it took me a lifetime to learn them, every time the enemy comes in and puts a symptom upon you, this enemy, the god of this world, which has been completely destroyed by our Savior, completely defeated, completely tromped over; would yield to that beast in the church right and left. I can only imagine how it must break the heart of our Savior to think of what he did for us and we are not willing to believe his word. I didn’t for years, but if you had asked me I would have said, “Sure I believe God’s word. I believe everything to Genesis to the maps, every word of it.” That is usually where they put the maps, in the back right?

But I was telling a lie and I didn’t know it. I didn’t have revelation on it. If you don’t have revelation on it then you can only go as far as you can understand. And if you don’t know how to get rid of this devil that we are going to talk about, you come in here, read or hear God’s word, you don’t do the right things, then you walk out the door where there is a demon waiting right at the door. He is assigned to you. He reaches into your heart and takes things out.

One day we got a revelation on that. I was asked that question and I couldn’t understand it. I said, “Lord I don’t understand how you can teach people all these things and they don’t remember it. I don’t understand how I can read it and not understand or remember it.”


We were shown a vision of a ghastly beast that had been standing at the front door. As people would walk out, he was reaching right into their hearts. What is he doing? He is getting the words. He is getting the words you taught. As each person comes by he reaches right in and getting their words. I said, “Lord that can’t be in the scripture.”

Sure it is. See Matt. 13, Mark 4, and Luke 8. God put it in there three times for us so that we wouldn’t miss it. That is so awesome! It is in the Parable of the Sewer and the Seed in all those different chapters in God’s word. So Lord, why didn’t I understand that?

He said, “It is simple. The god of this world has blinded your mind to the truth.”

“You mean the god of this world can blind the mind of a Christian?” Oh yeah! So what do you do about this? Good question isn’t it? What do I do? How do I keep him from doing this?


If these people are not interested in being saved and we have all these problems that we have of Satan jabbing all these words out of our heart, if Calvary and the cross was really a victory, and I’ve got a 90 minute tape on the cross, if it is really a victory then why does it appear that Satan is running things? Who is it that appears to be in control of what is going on here on the earth? It appears to be Satan. Like I said last night, Calvary has to be enforced by the church.