I want to pray for you if you allow me to, pain is a demon spirit. It’s easy to get rid of pain because it’s easy to get rid of demon spirits. The Bible says in Philippians 2:9, we have a name that’s every name, it’s the name of Jesus. Allow me to pray for you. I want you to focus your attention where that pain is in your body and listen to me. Close your eyes right now, don’t say anything, just receive. In Jesus’ name I take authority over those demon spirits of pain in these people’s bodies, you have to leave in Jesus’ name. You don’t have any choice, I command you. Leave planet earth right now in Jesus’ name. Now that area in your body that needs a miracle, that area where you have the pain, focus your attention on that a, relaxing, understanding that relaxing is surrendering to the miracle working power of God. Focus on how much better you are. Jesus said in Matthew 7:7, seek and you will find. Demon spirits know if you’re seeking for him, demons spirits bring negative things, they bring pain, so don’t focus your attention on how much pain or aggravation or discomfort is there, how much aching is there. Instead, focus your attention on how much better you feel. The more you focus your attention on what God’s doing , the more you will get what God has. Jesus said it, I didn’t, He said seek and you will find. So find out what God is doing, keep on focusing on it. Another thing, in James 2:20, the Bible says, faith without works is dead, so to the best of your ability, do things that was difficult or you couldn’t do before and you be blessed. Take the blessings that God has for you, it’s yours.