Yes, I want to talk to you again about a secret that will bless you in your marriage so that you can have a supernatural marriage, a divine ordained, blessed marriage, a successful marriage. I John 2:10 the Bible says, that if we walk in God’s love, His unconditional love, so you give this to your spouse, unconditional love in all respect, the Bible says that there is no occasion of stumbling for you. In the Greek, it says no occasion of having problems in your life, no occasion of failing. So if you never want to fail in any area of life, if you never want to have any problems, never have any stumbling. Then walk in unconditional love. Yes people will take advantage of you but you’re going to be the one that’s going to be blessed. So I want to encourage you to know that if you walk in unconditional love, another thing that happens in Psalm 91:1, the Bible says, that if we walk in the secret place, if we get into the secret place of the most high God, then He blesses us. All of Psalm 91 is based on, 91:1, be in the secret place of the most high God. As I study the Bible, I find the secret place is the unconditional love, even Satan can’t find you in this secret place because he doesn’t know anything about unconditional love. Sickness can’t find you. Disease can’t find you. Ill will can’t find you. Poverty can’t find you. If you walk in unconditional love toward your spouse then that’s a good place to start, with your spouse. Then you’ll be able to do it with other people. So there’s no occasion of you failing if you make that quality decision to love your spouse unconditionally. Amen.