“Now when the text has been obtained in the above way, whether it be one or two or more verses, or a whole chapter or more, I ask the Lord that He would graciously be pleased to teach me by His Holy Spirit, whilst meditating over it. Within the last fifty years, I have found it the most profitable plan to meditate with my pen in my hand, writing down the outlines, as the Word is opened to me. This I do, not for the sake of committing them to memory, nor as if I meant to say nothing else, but for the sake of clearness, as being a help to see how far I understand the passage. I also find it useful afterwards to refer to what I have thus written. I very seldom use any other help besides the little I understand of the original of the Scriptures, and some good translations in other languages. My chief help is prayer. I have NEVER in my life begun to study one single part of divine truth, without gaining some light about it, when I have been able really to give myself to prayer and meditation over it. But that I have often found a difficult matter, partly on ac count of the weakness of the flesh, and partly also on account of bodily infirmities and multiplicity of engagements. This I most firmly believe, that no one ought to expect to see much good resulting from his labours in word and doctrine, if he is not much given to prayer and meditation. ”

Quotation From From A Narrative Of Some Of The Lord’s Dealing With George Müller, By George Müller, Part 1, First Edition Manuscript

Prayer is important when studying the Scriptures, whether the study is for personal growth or teaching. We should never just jump into the Bible without praying first; whether using a daily reading plan or just random reading. When we pray, the Holy Spirit will be allowed to fill our hearts and minds

•Before reading, we will be put into the right mindset to study God’s word;
•While reading, He will reveal things to us, show us related verses;
•After reading He will help us meditate over it and apply in to our lives.

If we read and don’t gain divine instruction, the problem must be that we have not prayed and asked for guidance first.

Question: Do you sometimes read the Bible simply intellectually, not to “give myself to prayer and meditation over it,” as Muller says.