Thank you for tuning in. Again, I want to share another secret, a divine revelation from God that will help you to have a successful marriage, a supernatural marriage, and that is communication. In Matthew 18:19 the Bible says, that if any two on earth ask God of anything, that it will be done of them of the Heavenly Father. So there isn’t more powerful force than a man and a woman, because the Bible says, the man and the woman, when they enter into Holy matrimony they become one. So then that put you in the position when you are in a dream with your spouse, or that anything that you would ask the Father in Heaven, it will be done for you. So here’s what I want you to know that it is very important to communicate with your spouse. That’s how you get into an agreement with your spouse. Make sure that you communicate on good terms when everything is going good. It’s a bad time to communicate when things are not going well. Wait until it’s a good time and then the Bible teaches us to speak the truth in love. Here’s how you can know you’re speaking the truth in love. If the things that you’re saying is 100% benefiting the person you are speaking to, in this case in your spouse, when it’s benefiting them 100%, doesn’t benefit you whatsoever, and you’re doing it at a time to where everything is going good, then you’re speaking the truth in love, that helps you and your spouse to get together in agreement and you become one, and then you can ask the Father whatsoever things you desire, it will be done of the Heavenly Father for you in this earth. Be blessed by communicating with our spouse and speaking the truth in love.