“March 9, 1842. At a time of the greatest need, both with regard to the Day Schools and the Orphans, so much so that we could not have gone on any longer without help, I received this day £10 from a brother who lives near Dublin. The money was divided between the Day Schools and the Orphan-Houses. The following little circumstance is to be noticed respecting this donation. As our need was so great, and my soul was, through grace, truly waiting upon the Lord, I looked out for supplies in the course of this morning. The post, however, was out, and no supplies had come. This did not in the least discourage me. I said to myself, the Lord can send means without the post, or even now, though the post is out, by this very delivery of letters.

He may have sent means, though the money is not yet in my hands. It was not long after I had thus spoken to myself, when, according to my hope in God, we were helped; for the brother who sent us the £10, had this time directed his letter to the Boys’ Orphan House, whence it was sent to me.”

This video series is based on the book “Answers To Prayer” From George Müller’s Narratives. In the next video you will learn that George Muller specially requested the Lord to pity them just like a father who pity his children.