I want to encourage you to read Mark 4, right around verse 10, and read the rest of that chapter, because Jesus said in verse 13 that, “If you know this parable, you will know all parables,” of the Bible.  The word “parable” in the Greek is in reference to the doctrines of God, all of the doctrines of God.  However, the second word, “know,” has a different meaning than the first word.  “Know this parable, and you’ll know all parables.”  The second word, the fuller meaning in the Greek is, “to have and to experience.”  And so, “If you’ll know this parable, then you can experience all parables.”  And this is the parable: “That when the Word of God is sown, Satan comes immediately to steal the Word.”  So stay on guard against the Devil, because you can have and experience all the doctrines of God, just knowing that the Devil is your enemy, and nothing else, Amen.