The following passage from George Müller shows us the way that he raised money for the many needs he had – in fact, his material needs were huge but he started from less than a dollar (in today’s equivalency.)

It is not enough to obtain means for the work of God, but that these means should be obtained in God’s way. To ask unbelievers for means is not God’s way; to press even believers to give, is not God’s way; but the duty and the privilege of being allowed to contribute to the work of God should be pointed out, and this should be followed up with earnest prayer, believing prayer, and will result in the desired end.

From George Müller of Bristol By Arthur T. Pierson

I love this passage written by George Müller over 150 years ago. Not once, even when asked to do so, did he ever tell anyone how big was the need. Only rarely did he open up to his staff. He always told this to God, and expected Him to impress on someones heart to give.

For discussion: Is it better to ask people for money or to simply trust in God, as Müller did; and is it wrong to share with people our financial needs?