Did you know that your spirit man can touch, taste, smell, see, and hear? In 1986, John Fenn had a supernatural encounter that changed his life forever. Jesus appeared to him, and taught him how to hear God’s voice and have his five spiritual senses activated. In this interview with Sid Roth, John talks about his visitations with God and all that he learned from them.

As a young man, John wanted to know how people in the Bible had their spiritual senses activated. He really desired to touch the God’s realm, to fellowship with the Father. And that led him to study the Old Testament, where many people had the ability to connect with the spiritual realm. He had his first experience with healing while still a teenager. For two weeks he was given a special anointing to heal everyone whom he laid hands on. God told him that this show of power was only a preview of what was to come.

During his first visual encounter with Jesus in 1986, Jesus told him, “When you lay hands on a person in my name, it is as if I am laying hands on that person.”

Another time, while John was on a trip in Mexico, Jesus appeared to him and told him, “I want to teach you how to hear the voice of the Father, and know the ways of the Spirit.” That began an extended teaching time, in which Jesus explained to John the things of the Spirit and how to activate the five spiritual senses.

Watch this intriguing interview to learn more about how you too can activate your five spiritual senses for greater empowerment in your life and ministry!