“April 30, 1859. Received the following letter from a considerable distance: ‘My dear Christian Brother, I am the husband of Mrs. ______ who sends you by this post the two Sovereign piece. How can we better dispose of this relic of affectionate remembrance, than by depositing it in the bank of Christ, who always pays the best interest, and never fails. Now, my best and spiritual counselor, I cannot express to you the exceeding great joy I feel, in relating what follows. I am an artist, a poor artist, a landscape painter. About two weeks ago I sent a picture to Bristol for exhibition, just as I finished your book that was to lent us. I most humbly and earnestly prayed to God to enable me, by the sale of my Bristol picture, to have the blessed privilege of sending you half the proceeds. The price of the picture is £20. Now mark. Immediately the exhibition is open, God, in His mercy, mindful of my prayer, sends me a purchaser. I have exhibited in Bristol before, but never sold a picture. Oh! my dear friend, my very heart leaps for joy. I have never been so near God before. Through your instrumentality I have been enabled to draw nearer to God, with more earnestness, more faith, more holy desires. This is the first return God has blessed me with for the whole of my last year’s labours. What a blessing to have it so returned! Oh, with what joy I read your book! The picture I speak of is now being exhibited in the academy of arts at Clifton, numbered in the Catalogue, the title is ________. I cannot pay you till the close of the exhibition, as I shall not be paid till then. Of such letters I have had thousands during the last 40 years.”

This video series is based on the book “Answers To Prayer” From George Müller’s Narratives. The next video will show us how George Müller’s problem with the boiler was resolved by prayer and faith.