I want to thank you very much, from the very depths of my heart, for the privilege that you’ve given me every week, that you allow me to come into your life and share God’s goodness with you. That’s a awesome privilege that you’ve given me, and I don’t take that lightly. Excuse me, just a minute, I do have a phone call here. “Uh, Hello? Uh, Jesus? Ok, yes, ok I’ll do that, I’ll share that.” I’m just teasing you, this is just a little gimmick that Ted and I put together, predominantly just to let you know that God will never leave you, and He’ll never forsake you. He’s always at your side, and He said, “If you’ll call me, I’ll answer you, and show you great and mighty things.” And so, always realize that God is right with you, He’ll never leave you, He’ll never forsake you. He loves you very much. Amen.