“Thus far the Lord had allowed things to go, to show me, it appears, that all my friends could not procure me a passport till His time was come. But now it was come. The King of kings had intended that I should go to England, because He would bless me there, and make me a blessing, though I was at that time, and am still most unworthy of it; and, therefore, though the King of Prussia had not been pleased to make an exemption in my favor.

Later, I got a complete dismissal, and that for life, from all military engagements. This was much more than I could have expected. This military gentleman spoke to me in a very kind way, and pointed out certain parts of the Scriptures, which he in particular advised me to bring before the Jews, especially Romans 11. On considering why the Lord delayed my obtaining this permission, I find that one of the reasons may have been, that I might both be profited myself by my stay in Berlin, and that I also might be instrumental in benefiting others. As to the first, I would mention, that I learned a lesson in Berlin which I did not know before. Whilst I was at Halle, I thought I should much enjoy being among so many Christians as there are in Berlin. But when I was there I found, that enjoyment in the Lord does not depend upon the multitude of believers, by whom we are surrounded. As to the second point, perhaps the last day may show, that the Lord had some work for me in Berlin.”

Quotation From A Narrative Of Some Of The Lord’s Dealing With George Müller By George Müller, Part 1, First Edition Manuscript

Here Müller talks about how the Lord kept him from going to England for a while, but that after some time he was allowed to go.

Müller was supposed to go three year duty in the military of Prussia, and only for medical reasons could one be excused. At this time, Müller tries several “human” efforts to get out of this duty, and instead go to England as a missionary.

But, as we read above, he found out that the Lord had a reason for him to be delayed, so that he could serve God more in Germany.

Sometimes, the Lord can stop us from doing something, though he will later allow it. It might be that his time is not right.

Question: What is your reaction when God seems to block you from doing something?
What if you think that this is will, and instead God stops you from doing it?