I want you to know that God’s word is all powerful. As you look at the Word of God, look in Hebrews 11:2, you’ll see that God never got off His throne and He spoke the worlds into existence with the power of His word. Then you see the same thing in the life of Jesus, that there were times that Jesus would pray for people, and they would be great distances away and Jesus would just speak the words and they would be healed instantly by the power of God. So there is no time or distance with God. I want to pray for you whatever your need might be. I’m going to use the same power that God used, which is His word. He has given us His word, His Word has got divine power in it and so I’m going to pray for you whatever your needs might be that a miracle would take place in your life. Receive this prayer right now. Dear God, I thank You for the power of Your Word. I thank You that You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. I pray for this wonderful people within the sound of my voice who’s watching this video, I take authority over any kind of sickness, any kind of disease, any kind of problem, financial problem, any kind of problem that would come against them. I truly recognize that it’s the force of the devil and I break that power in the name of Jesus. I command those situations to leave, sickness, disease, all kinds of financial problems, all kinds of problems, leave these people now in Jesus’ name. And In Jesus’ name, I command that their bodies, their lives, and their finance would right now be influenced by Your divine power, in Jesus’ name, that they would be blessed and that You will be glorified Father, in Jesus’ name. You’ll be blessed and receive His power.