An amazing ministry that takes the passion of a family for farming into the heartland of Israel, now known as the West Bank. The Bible symbolically and literally describes Israel in a passionate yet affectionate regard. God, since the times of Abraham, blessed the land and dedicated it to the Son’s of Jacob.

Founded by Tommy Waller, the mission meets the needs of the local farmers in Judea and Samaria, assisting with daily, manual and farming tasks. The mission members, who consist and are co-ordinated by the Waller Family, get to experience the spiritual passion by stepping into the ancestral land of God’s chosen people. The scripture comes to life as they behold what Abraham and His nephew saw many years ago, what the Israelites fought for after coming home from captivity.

It is an all rounded mission that allows its members to bond with the Jewish nation, creating a critically crucial bond with Christianity, as well grow spiritually while meeting the practical needs of the west bank farming community.