When I first learned about the five orphanages started by George Müller, and the more than 2,000 children he was responsible to feed and care for on a daily basis, I thought, “That is amazing… and he received everything he needed in answer to prayer alone.”

However it wasn’t until I began looking at some of the historical images of the orphanage, the children and the caregivers, that I began to understand the sheer enormity of it all. As I have studied these images, I have been greatly encouraged as I realize how much God provided through direct answers to prayer.

For one moment, just think about all that is needed just to care for one’s own family. Now think about what it would take to care for 2,000 children. That is hard to fathom, isn’t it? It was for me. As I consider the faith of one man and God’s faithfulness in His Word, my own walk with the Lord has been strengthened, and I want to encourage you in that same way.

Take a moment to study a picture below. What do you see? Please click on any image and post a comment and share any inspiration you may receive from that picture. What provisions did God make for George Müller and the orphaned children for whom he cared?

Through taking the time to list God’s blessings (even for others), it becomes an act of worship, recognizing His goodness. Let’s grow in our relationship with God today as we share what He has done – historically. Please encourage others as you help us to make a long list of God’s provisions as observed in the photo.