In Matthew 6, Jesus gives the directions for prayer.  And He said “Pray, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth, just like it is in Heaven.”  No problems in Heaven.  And then He told us, a few chapters after that, gives instructions, how to turn it from the Spirit into the natural.  For instance, I don’t want to just be healed spiritually, I want to be healed naturally.  I don’t want to be just prosperous spiritually, and suffer naturally, financially.  And He gives the instructions in Matthew 11:12, He says “The kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”  In the Greek, it spells it out this way: To energetically, forcefully, take what belongs to us.  It also goes on to say, “This is the means of a good life.”  It also says, “This is a vital activity.”  We’re not being forceful or energetically forcefully against God, but against circumstances, against the lies of the Devil.  This is the means of a good life, this is a vital activity, something this vital is something that you can’t do it any other way.  And so, you take what belongs to you, that it would be in your life, just like it is in Heaven.  In Jesus’ name.