“There is spiritual decline today – both among the ritualistic groups and among the independent groups. But in the midst of all this, God has a few who have a heart for Him. They are not all found in one denomination. They are found in all the denominations – men and women who love God and are seeking to honour Him in all things. They are genuinely filled with the Holy Spirit and do not get involved in controversies. They are very careful in the use of their tongues and are very faithful with money. God is gathering such people together in these days as His remnant.” ~Zac Poonen

How many people do you know who…

1.  Are seeking to honour God in all things?
2.  Are genuinely filled with the Holy Spirit?
3.  Do not get involved in controversies?
4.  Are careful in their use of their tongues (the things they say and how they say it)?
5.  Are very faithful with money?

I’ve known plenty of people who were even in positions of spiritual leadership, who did not meet at least one of the above criteria…  Please be careful who you choose to listen to.  Paul said, “follow me, as I follow Christ”.  Would you “follow” any of the people below?

A pastor who thinks it’s just fine to watch James Bond movies, even though there is a lot of sexual content which is NOT glorifying to God. (See #1 above.)

A father (and leader of a house church) whose wife works outside the house (because she said they need the money) yet he is willing to spend well over $100 on shirts for his little girls, that represent his favorite Football Team and may likely be worn only once – the day of “the big game”.  (Would it not be better to purchase a pair of goats for a struggling Christian family or church planter in India, so that they can have  milk, cheese and yogurt for their family, and sell the baby goats to sustain their family?) (See #5 above.)

A pastor who purchases an airplane (millions of dollars plus thousands in gas for each trip) under the belief that it will save him time in traveling, so he can travel more and spread the gospel more. Zac Poonen (a church planter) travels all over the world, and God always provides for his needs.  He has spent much less on air fare and accomodations than he would have if he had purchased an airplane and paid for the gas.  Even in the situation where someone may need to reach a remote location, they could probably rent an aircraft and pilot as often as needed for less than owning and maintaining their own aircraft. (See #5 above.)

How many Christians do you know that get involved in controversies? Do you know anyone who loses control of their tongue?

When we are genuinely filled with the Holy Spirit, and have a heart for God, we will seek to honor Him in all things.

I am always looking for Christians who have a depth to their relationship with Christ and a heart for God, for their I find sweet fellowship with others who are the remnant Do you look for them too?