Thank you for tuning in, and I want to pray for you.  I’m going to pray for you exactly the way that Jesus taught me.  September the 28th, 1984, Jesus appeared to me, and He explained to me how to pray with my whole heart.  And He said His anointed would always go into people, if I would pray in this fashion.  I’ve prayed for people over the phone and other ways, and people would be healed.  And so I want to pray for you, and this particular video will go around the world, and if you’ll receive it, you can have the blessings of God, so allow me to pray:  “Dear God, I thank you for your goodness and I pray with my whole heart exactly the way that the Lord Jesus taught me.  And I command all sickness, all disease, all poverty, all lack, all ill will to leave these people, within the sound of my voice, in the name of Jesus.  In Jesus’ name I command all these demon spirits to leave these people, in Jesus’ matchless name.  Now in Jesus’ name I command that area in your or in your life, that needs a miracle, I command that area to relax.  Understanding, the word relax in the Scriptures has the same meaning as ‘to surrender, to accept, to yield.’  I want you to yield, surrender, and accept God’s unconditional love, God’s miracle power.  So focus on that area, in your body or your life, that needs the miracle working power of God.  Focus on that area, relaxing right now, understanding that you’re surrendering to the miracle working power of God, in Jesus’ marvelous name, Amen.”