Do you know that when Jesus died on the cross, and He said, “It’s finished,” what He was saying that He did, I mean He finished a perfect job. He did a great job. There’s over a hundred and forty expressions, just in the New Testament, that tell us that we are Holy, we are pure, we’re un-blameable, we’re un-reprovable. Un-blameable, that means He can’t blame us for anything, because Jesus died on the cross to make us un-blameable. We’re un-reprovable. God can’t improve on us because it’s finished. Jesus paid the price for us to be perfect. There’s a hundred and forty, at least a hundred and forty such expressions that belong to us because we are in Christ, because Jesus died on the cross, for these principles and these facts to be a reality in your life. And so it’s so, in the mind of God. You are righteous, you’re Holy, you’re perfect, you’re pure, if Jesus is the Lord of your life. Amen.