What To Do When Nothing Seems To Work
By Pastor Mel Bond of Agape Church – Wentzville, Missouri USA

 Intro: If things we are believing God for are not coming to pass the first thing we must know is: It is not God’s fault. Some place along the line we have a gap that satan is getting through. As you study the book of Job, you will find that God had a hedge around Job to keep satan from getting to him in any respect. However, satan kept looking at Job’s hedge until he found a gap. It was because of the gap of fear that satan was able to get to Job and cause the harm that he did (Job 3:25). Fear is faith, confidence, belief in defeat; in the devil. God loves everyone as much as He loved Job, and we too have a hedge of God’s protection around us. However, if we are experiencing defeat in any area of our life, we most definitely have a gap. In this lesson we will look at major gaps, so we can close them and have victory.

1. Check Up On Your Own Life

  • What does Psalm 139:23 tell us to do? How can this passage help us to close a gap that may be in our life? How does Ephesians 4:23-32 help us to close a gap in our life?

2. Check Up On Your Promise In God’s Word (What scriptures are you believing for; for your need or desire?)

  • What does Jeremiah 1:12 teach us about the importance of having Gods’ Word for a foundation of what we are believing for? (Note: God’s Word and His will are the same). How does I John 5:14, 15 help us to close the second possible gap?

3. Check Up On Your Confession

  • How does Mark 11:23 and Proverbs 18:21 help us to close this gap?

4. Check The Arena In Which You Are Fighting

  • Note: If the devil ever gets you in the arena of reasoning and looking at your symptoms, he will defeat you every time. Stay in the arena of faith (of what God’s Word says) and you will win every time.
  • When do we have what God’s Word says, “according to Hebrews 11:1? Please give an example.

5. Check Up On Your Companions And Fellowship

  • How does II Corinthians 6:14 help us to establish this check point? (Note: yoke in the Greek is co-equally rendered: associate closely). Give us examples.

6. Check Up On Yourself To See If You Are Obeying The Scriptures That Will Bring Victory To You

  • What is the difference between devils and a believer according to James 2:19, 20? If we do not have corresponding actions to God’s Word, what are the two things this verse is telling us? How does Matthew 7:24-27 help us?

7. Check To Make Sure You Are Praising God Before You See The Answer

  • How did the people of the Bible close this gap according to John 11:41; Joshua 6:5; Romans 4:19-21? (Note: You Praise the Lord for the answer now!)

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By : Pastor Mel Bond
From :  Agape Church Website
* Used By Permission *