I want to encourage you again to read Proverbs 29:18.  The Bible says “Where there’s no vision, people perish, but happy are they that keep the law.”  You’ll find that as you study the Word of God that right in that particular chapter, or that verse rather, that the word “vision” and “law” are interchangeable words.  So let me say it this way, that the word “vision” there, or the Hebrew, it says “To mentally have a vision, mentally seeing God’s Word as true.”  And as you do this, in the Hebrew it says “You are having a revelation.”  You are having an oracle.  An oracle is the highest order of God’s power and His Commandments being released.  And so we have the privilege of initiating an oracle, a revelation, when we see God’s Word, we read it and we see it as true.  See God’s Word as true, in your mind, and have an oracle from God.  Amen.