Yes, in the book of Psalms, chapter 95, I believe it’s 95:2, the Bible says that, “We will enter into his presence with thanksgiving.”  And then you see, in Psalms 100, in the 100 chapter anyway, I think it’s right around verse 4, where it says, “We will enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and enter His courts with praise.”  As you study these two chapters, these two verses, that you’ll find that thanksgiving is a sacrifice of praise.  And so we get into God’s very presence, we get into the very courtroom of God, by having a sacrifice of praise.  A sacrifice of praise is praising God anyhow.  Regardless of what the situation, regardless of how bad things are, I’m going to praise God anyhow, and that takes me into the very, very presence of God.  And He does it for you.  Be encouraged, by praising God, it’s a supernatural manifestation or a channel whereby that you can have great victory in your life.  Be blessed as you praise the Lord, sacrificiously.