All That Jesus Taught : Bible Study Part 10 | Zac Poonen

Once again we turn to continue our study on the subject of ‘All that Jesus Taught’. We based that on Matthew 28:20. Where Jesus has commanded us to go in to all nations, make disciples and teach them to do every single thing I commanded or taught until he returns. To the end of age it says there in verse 20. So this is what we’ve been doing all our sessions so far. Looking at words of Jesus, what he taught and commanded.

We’ve been looking at Matthew 4 so far and the last time we saw Matthew 4:19 “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men”. We saw what that meant and further down we read that Jesus went about verse 23 in all of Galilee teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of his kingdom. This is the gospel of the kingdom of heaven that he proclaims that we are to proclaim and healing every kind of disease and every kind of sickness among the people. It didn’t matter what that disease was. There was not a sickness that he could not cure. There was not a disease that he could not heal. The news went about in to all Syria, outside of Israel and they brought to him all who were ill. This is even people who are non Jewish people that brought them from Syria who is outside of Israel. They brought people with various diseases and pains: Demoniacs, epileptics, paralytics and he healed them. There was nobody who was not healed. Now we never have seen a healing ministry like that at any time since that time. Jesus was the only one who healed in such a miraculous way that every single disease, every single sickness, every single paralyzed man was healed. Now a day in so called healing camping, people are excited if 1 out of the 1,000 people walks out of a wheel chair but so many people go away disappointed from these healing meetings with their diseases, with their sickness and many of them are proclaimed healed die a few days later. This is not a repetition of the healing ministry of Jesus. A lot of it is a mighty deception, fooling people in order to collect their money. We shouldn’t be fooled by that and don’t ever think that that is a repetition of the healing ministry of Jesus.

If you want to see the healing ministry of Jesus read it here in Matthew 4:22-23 and see if you have seen anything comparable to that, comparable to even .100% of that anywhere. You haven’t. Nowhere has it happened. Why did Jesus heal like this? We read in Acts 2 that the apostle Peter says to the multitude (Acts 2:22) Men of Israel listened to these words. Jesus the Nazarene, a man attested to you by God with miracles and wonders, and signs which God performed through him in your midst. The miracles and healings Jesus did were an attestation by the Father that this was my son which was needed before he went to the cross. So that people would know that this was indeed the son of God dying for the sins of the world on the cross. It was an attestation from God. It was not something that every one of his disciples was supposed to do because there’s not a single disciple who could do what all Jesus did in his area of healing even the great mighty apostle Paul. Yes, he raised the dead man once you read in Acts 20 but we also read that he could not heal a simple thing like Timothy’s stomach aches. Now where is the comparison between a stomach ache and a dead man?