The Bible plainly teaches us that we are changed from glory to glory even by the Spirit of God, and as you study the Bible that you find that the Spirit of God is also the Word of God.  You can’t separate God from His Spirit and from His Word.  And the word “glory” in the Greek is “doksa,” which means the reputation of God.  And so, here, plainly the Bible is telling us we’re changed from glory to glory by the Spirit of God.  In essence, more and more of God’s reputation.  Let me say it this way: promotion and promotion and promotion from God by His Word as you get into God’s Word.  So I want to pray that greater promotions will take place in your life in a unprecedented way, even on a daily basis.  Let me pray, because God’s a good God, and He wants you to be promoted every single day.  “Dear God, I thank you for these people within the sound of my voice.  I take authority over the forces of the devil that would try to tell them that they are not valuable and precious to you.  And in Jesus’ name, that I speak forth your anointing to go to them, that they would receive promotions from you, more of your reputation, every day.  From reputation to reputation to reputation, I pray, that they experience it, and that it just overtakes them, in Jesus righteous name, I pray, Amen.