Power Of Prayer | Mel Bond

I want you to be encourage to know that in the New Testament, the Greek word "Aiteo" is rendered 68 times. The

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The Life Of Jesus | Mel Bond

Romans 5:19, the Bible says, because of the disobedience of one ( talking about Adam), that sin was promoted and all the

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One With God | Mel Bond

The Bible says in I Corinthians 6:17, he or she that's joined into the Lord is one. So now, because you've accepted

One With God | Mel Bond2015-03-16T06:00:55+00:00

Power Of Jesus Christ| Mel Bond

I want to encourage you to know that you have greater power than the devil could ever come against you. I John

Power Of Jesus Christ| Mel Bond2015-03-13T06:00:32+00:00
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