I want to encourage you to know that big battles produce bigger victories. If you read in the Book of Jonah Chapter 1 and 2, you’ll find the story where Jonah was swallowed by a whale. While he was in the whale’s belly, everything that his senses could detect was a problem, a big problem. He smelled fish and felt fish, there was just whale in every direction, trouble on every hand, his eyes, his smelling, his hearing, his feeling, everything promoted the fact you’re defeated Jonah. He said in chapter 2, he said that I will offer the thanksgiving of sacrifice and praise to You Lord while he’s in the fish’s belly, while he’s in greatest task, greatest trial, very evident that it’s over Jonah for you. The Bible says the Lord delivered him. When you have a test or trial, this is an opportunity for your greatest deliverance and your greatest promotion from God. Give God the sacrifice of praise. He’ll deliver you, He’ll set you on high. He loves you.