Psalm 50:23, read it, memorize it. The Bible says, because ordering our conversational right, we get to see, we get to experience God’s salvation. That word in the Hebrew has the same meaning for salvation in Exodus when God told Moses, He said Moses, stand still, relax, and realize that I am God and you get to see the salvation of God. What did Moses get to see? He saw the Red Sea open up, it was 1700 feet of water that opened up. He’d seen the grand finale, miracle working power of God, and then in Psalm 50:23, the Bible promises us that same experience that we can experience, we can get to see God’s miracle working power on our behalf whatever it is as we order our conversational right. Psalm 19:14 the Bible says, let the words of our mouth, the meditation of our hearts be acceptable in His sight. This is the beginning of greatness and this is how you mature in greatness, watching the words of your mouth so that you are acceptable in the sight of the Lord. You’ll be blessed.