Please allow me to pray for you: “Dear God, I thank you that there is not time or distance with you and so I move right into the presence of the people that are watching this video.  And in Jesus’ name, I move with your influence, with your anointing, and I take authority over sickness, disease, over any kind of a problem.  Sorrow, disappointment, discouragement, any kind of a problem, financial burdens.  I command all of these things to leave, in the name of Jesus because you say in your Word, you’ve taught us plainly, that we have a name that’s above every name, it’s the name of Jesus.  And so in Jesus’ name I command all of these problems to leave these people, and in Jesus’ name I command the area in their body, or in their life, that needs a miracle.  I command those areas to relax, understanding the word relax has a fuller meaning in the Bible, to that of surrendering, yielding, and accepting God’s unconditional love, which is God’s power.”  And so now, I’ve given you the power of God.  God has given it to you, through my mouth.  And so now its your turn to receive it, and the way that you receive it is, focus on what God is doing.  Jesus said in Matthew 7:7, “Seek and you’ll find.”  Don’t look for the problem any longer, because that allows demons to have permission to come back into your life with that problem.  But instead focus on what God and his angels are doing.  They’re giving relief, they’re giving you the answer.  And so Jesus said it, “If you seek, you’ll find.”  So seek the blessing, seek the relief.  And then another thing, in James 1:19-22, the Bible teaches us that faith without works is dead.  That word “works” is corresponding actions.  It’s so important, to the best of your ability, to act like the Bible’s true, because it’s true.  Be blessed.