You’ve probably read or heard the Sermon on the Mount before, but have you soaked in it  and applied it to your life in such a way that it’s become a part of who you are? That’s what Jesus wanted when He taught it. He wanted it to become a part of our very being as we live out our lives for Him every day. If these teachings become a part of who we are, others will see Christ in us and will want what we have… a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Yeshua, Messiah!

“Why Memorize the Sermon on the Mount?”

“He came – I say – and lived and died and rose again and sent the Holy Spirit in order that you and I might live the Sermon on the Mount…

If only all of us were living the Sermon on the Mount, men would know that there is dynamic in the Christian gospel;

They would know that this is a live thing;

They would not go looking for anything else.

We are all meant to exemplify everything that is contained here in these Beatitudes…

This is not merely a description of the Hudson Taylors or George Mullers or the Whitefields or Wesleys of this world —

it is a description of every Christian.

We are all of us meant to conform to its pattern and to rise to its standard.” ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Do you know that there may be one habit that’s more important than having your quiet time?  That habit is memorizing scripture.  When you memorize God’s Word, you’re learning the heart of God.

There’s a wonderful way to study the Bible which really enables you to learn well and apply God’s word to your life.  I call it soaking in the Word.  I’m memorizing the beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-22) and I’m going to read the sermon on the mount 50 times while asking the Lord for revelation on how I can apply it to my own life.  Take a look at this sermon on the mount summary and you’ll see why some people believe that Jesus’ sermon on the mount is the most famous sermon ever taught.

Sermon on the Mount – Matthew 5-7

5:3-12 – The Beatitudes
5:13-16 – Salt and Light
5:17-20 – Jesus fulfilled the Law
5:21-26 – Anger and Murder
5:27-30 – Lust and Adultery
5:31-32 – Divorce and Remarriage
5:33-37 – Oaths
5:38-42 – Eye for an Eye
5:43-48 – Love your enemies
6:1-4 – Give to the Needy
6:5-15 – How to Pray
6:16-18 – How to Fast
6:19-24 – Treasures in Heaven
6:25-34 – Do not worry
7:1-6 – Do not judge hypocritically
7:7-12 – Ask, Seek, Knock
7:13-14 – The Narrow Gate
7:15-23 – False Prophets
7:24-27 – The Wise Builder

If you’d like help in memorizing God’s Word, Ann Voskamp has some great tips to help you.

I’ve also found Scripture Typer to be a wonderful way to memorize scripture. My children even enjoy using it on the iPad. There is a group on Scripture Typer called “Memorize the Mount” and all of the verses are already loaded and ready for you to memorize, in whatever version you choose.

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