Have you ever wanted to read through the Bible?

If you’re like me, and you’ve always wanted to read through the Bible, but never got around to it, then this is your chance! I created this program for people like us, who seem to get to the end of the day wishing we had had our Bible time, only to realize that we didn’t make it a priority… yet again.

I know that I make reading my email a priority each day, so I figured that if  daily Bible verses were delivered to my email each day, I’d make it a priority to take just one minute each day to read God’s word and eventually I’d make my goal of reading through the entire Bible.

God knew that we would have a need to discover Him, to learn about Him, to know Him. Because of that, He gave us His Word – the Holy Bible. Not only do we have the opportunity to talk to God through prayer, but we have the opportunity for Him to speak to us, through His living, active Word.

In order to begin a habit of Bible reading, we’ve created the opportunity to start with just One Minute a Day. That little effort will help you as you begin to get to know God better. Reading His Word will help you think more about God, think about what He has to say to you, think about His acts in history, help you to understand His will for your life.

With just One Minute a Day, you can start on a journey that, over time, will take you through the Bible. Of course, you can read more than a minute a day – but if you currently are stuck, not sure where or how to start, you can begin with these little “nuggets” of Truth.

Sign up today to begin the adventure of getting to know God through His Word. Each day, you will receive your One Minute Bible reading in your inbox empowering you to eventually read completely through the Bible. Don’t delay, begin today!