Thurman Scrivner created an excellent document which takes you, step by step, through all of God’s promises that we can stand on when praying for someone to be saved.  Satan has bound many people and the reason they cannot respond to God’s free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ is because the enemy has blinded them.  Download this document and learn about the power we have, in Christ, to bring people to the Lord through prayer.

When taking a trip to the Third Heaven, the first thing that matters is this. Every one of you must know that you are a born again Christian. Every one of you do know Jesus as your Lord and Savior? So everybody here that knows Jesus as Lord and Savior, there is no doubt in your heart that you know the king, you can go with me on this trip to the third heaven.

I want every one of you right now to close your eyes. I want you to close your eyes. I want you to envision that we are still right here in this body of believers right here. We can still see with our eyes closed the chairs, the people, right where people were sitting and everything. We can see each other, but yet we have our eyes closed. Now I want us, with our eyes closed, to kind of look up toward the top of the church and see the pentacle of the church. And now I want us to envision that in the spirit realm we are leaving our bodies. As we leave our bodies you see yourself going up.

You look back down and there are all the people. We are all still there sitting here in the flesh. You are going to leave your flesh and you are going to be in the spirit. You are going to look back up toward the top of the church. You are going to envision yourself in the spirit realm as you go right through the ceiling of the church. You are going right out. Now you are out in the sunlight. You can look around and you can see all the surrounding area, the beautiful trees and everything. It is beautiful from up here. You go right on up. You get a little bit higher. You are looking around and you are getting so high that you can see the blue. You can see the curvature of the earth, this beautiful and magnificent blue and white marble that the Lord has made for us.

Now then, all of a sudden you are beginning to approach the second heaven. You see these magnificent chariots of fire with our guardian protection angels that are coming to make this trip with us. They are coming to us from many different directions. They are here now and they are around us. Because there are so many of us, we have many chariots of fire going with us. We are envisioning ourselves now looking toward the third heaven.

All of a sudden you see spiritual wickedness out there that is trying to get through to us to block this, but we have these warring angels and chariots of fire that are protecting us. We are totally, totally engulfed by these magnificent warring angels that are there and their chariots of fire. We are traveling at a tremendous rate of speed through the heavens. We are seeing the little planets and galaxies and things just zoom past us.

Now then, All of a sudden, you are up there. You begin to see this bright tremendous light. It is the third heaven. As you begin to approach, just the magnificence of this place is awesome! You look and you see the most beautiful flowers. You see the most beautiful grass and the most beautiful trees and everything is manicured. It is magnificent! You see beautiful mansions. And now you begin to see this radiant bright light. It is the throne of God. We are approaching this.

And now we come right in to the throne. There stands our Savior Jesus with his hands up welcoming us right into the throne room of God. He is telling us to come in. We walk right over. He is telling us, “Now this is the Father sitting on his throne.” This is our God and our Lord! We fall on our knees now and we begin to worship him and praise him and thank him because we are right here with our brother Jesus. We are on our knees worshipping the King. We are praising him and thanking him and worshipping him for who he is. “Oh Lord how great you are! How magnificent this place is Lord! This is magnificent! This is so wonderful!”

He says, “My children, what brings you to the third heaven?”

We say, “Well Father, we have a request for many people, many souls.” Each one of you as you name the name of your loved ones within your spirit realm, you are going to name them and speak that name in your spirit. You are going to say, “Father I am here.” It is just you and him right now. It is just you and him although we are all there. He’s able to take care of every one of us at the same time, so it is just you and your Father.

Right now with your brother Jesus right beside you say, “Father I am here for so-and so,” and you name that person. You name that person or persons. Name all of them. Say, “Father I am here on behalf of Suzie,” for example. Name their full name, all three names. If they have three names or two names, name their names and say, “Lord I am here on behalf of Suzie whatever or John or Jack or whoever,” and put their whole names in there. “Lord my nephew, my son, my daughter, my husband, my wife; I am here on behalf of these Lord because Satan has beat up on them and they will not come into your kingdom. Lord you told me in Hebrews 4:16 to come boldly into your throne room in times of need. Lord I have this need. I want these people saved and I know you want them saved.

Lord I know you have left the salvation of souls up to those of us who are on the earth that are the body of Christ, so Lord that is why we are up here today. We are up here bringing these needs to you Lord. And Lord, we ask you now to show us, in your fullness, in your magnificence, who you are as we stand before you in this throne room and worship you and praise you. Oh Lord you are so awesome!

Oh Lord, I see over there to the side. I see Satan. I see him. He is snickering. He is thinking that we don’t know who we are, but Lord we call him in. Satan we call you in. We have a word for you from the Lord. We have been given power and authority over you and we now know that you are the one who was blinding the minds of our loved ones on earth. Jesus wrote it for us in the scriptures in 2 Cor. 4:3-4. Now we are fed up with you. We know that our savior, who is right here beside us, has defeated you on the earth 2000 years ago. He gave us complete power and authority over you. So as we are here in the third heaven, we are taking authority over you Satan as sons and daughters of God. We are commanding you to stop blinding the minds of these loved ones that we named before the throne of grace. Satan we demand that you take those spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies that are yours, those generals of yours that are sending power to the demons on earth, that are blinding the minds of our loved ones; we demand you stop it in Jesus name. We demand you withdraw those spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies and those demons on earth. We have been given complete power and authority over you as the church. Now then Satan, we have given you your orders. Now you can leave! We don’t want you in our presence.

Now Father, we want to come back into your presence fully and totally and completely. We just want to bow here before your throne and worship you and praise you and thank you knowing that although we have taken authority over the forces of darkness and stopped them from blinding the mind of our loved ones, we still know that no one can come into the kingdom except he be drawn by your precious Holy Spirit that is down on the earth. So Father, we ask you, in your mercy and grace, to hear this prayer because we know you want all to be saved. It is your heart’s desire that everyone come into the kingdom, so we ask you for the Holy Spirit that is on earth to begin to move and hover over the spirits and the souls of all the loved ones we named before this throne and begin to convict them of sin and draw them in to the kingdom of God. Now Lord, we know that you heard this prayer and this petition and we know that we have the answer. So now then we lack one little part. We ask you now that the Holy Spirit is convicting them, we need a flesh and blood body to go and witness to them. How shall they know except a preacher be sent. Lord if that preacher can be me, then Lord I would be happy to be the one that would lead my loved one into the kingdom, if that laborer is me. But Lord, if it is not me then I ask you to send a perfect laborer that will be perfectly armed and equipped, that will know your word without flaw, that will be able to bring all of my loved ones into the kingdom and save them and to fill them with the mighty Holy Spirit.

Lord I thank you and praise you and worship you for hearing this prayer and doing it. Now Lord we know we have our petition, so we want to just spend a few minutes up here worshipping you and praising you and thanking you Lord that we have the privilege, the invitation, to come into your throne room any time we want to. Lord we can come up here any time we want to. Lord we are so grateful that we can do this because of the blood of our Savior Jesus. Lord thank you that we have been made the righteousness of God in Christ. Lord we worship you. We praise you and we thank you. Lord we are so grateful. Lord it is so beautiful up here. Lord this is so wonderful Lord. We don’t want to take our eyes off of you Lord.

We just turn for a moment and look to the left and to the right. Lord the beauty! The beauty and the angels that are everywhere hovering over this throne worshipping and praising you Lord. This is awesome Lord! This is beautiful Lord. Thank you Lord for this beautiful place you have prepared for us some day when you are through with us on the earth. Lord we worship you. We praise you Lord.

Lord, we so hate to leave, but Lord we have other things we must do. So Lord, we are going to slowly back out from your throne. We are going to walk backwards, looking at the brilliance of you and your magnificence. Thank you Lord for this privilege to come into this throne room. Thank you for the privilege of being seated with Christ in the third heaven in the spirit realm. Lord we praise you.

Now Lord, we are going to make our trip back. We are going to walk over to the edge and we are going to look down. We are going to see the magnificence of heaven all around us as we look at the mansions below, the magnificence that is below your throne, the beauty of the forest, the trees and the grass and the beautiful clear-stem flowers that are so magnificent. Lord you have an awesome place that you prepared for us for eternity. But Lord, we will be back. Thank you Lord.

Now Lord, as we start down from the third heaven back to the earth, we see those magnificent chariots of fire regathering. They are coming around us to go with us, to protect us on this trip back. Thank you Lord that these big magnificent warring angels are all around us with their beautiful chariots of fire, with their swords drawn. We make this trip back, Lord let it be just a little big slowing coming back to the second heaven so we can look around a little bit.

It is awesome to look out and see the galaxies and the planets and the milky way and all the beautiful things that you have made. And to know that you have made all this just for us your church. Lord we praise you and thank you. Lord we see this beautiful and magnificent white and blue marble approaching, which we call the earth. This magnificent ball we know as home. Wow! As we come into this awesome sphere of this thing. As we come right down through it we begin to see houses and buildings and roads and things below. And Lord, there is our church. Here we are right there in Randles Town again. Wow! We are coming right down to the roof of the church. Lord as we pass right through the roof and right back into this room, there is my physical body right over there Lord. I see myself entering my physical body. Lord, what a magnificent trip we’ve had. And thank you for this answered prayer, which is always yes.