A lady in the audience asks, “About the third heaven, do you have a tape on that which we could order from home? And my second question is this. Last night you talked about forgiveness. What I want to know is this. When you forgive people who have done you wrong, you don’t want to be prevented from healing and everything, do you have to associate with them once you forgive them?”

Thurman answered her. Well, you don’t have to, but it sure would be nice if you would. If you love them, if you have forgiven them and you really love them then you could associate with them. You could be a perfect example of what the love of Christ will do. So I would say yes, it would be much better if you could. Now if they absolutely do not want anything to do with you, then you still need to walk in a love relationship and make sure that your home is always open to them if they ever need help. That is a true sign that you acted upon your will and that you did forgive them.

Now then, on the tape, the best tape you will ever be able to get on what we’ve taught is this one that we have made today. This tape not only has the entire teaching about this, but it has the trip to the third heaven on it. I guess you were recording the whole thing. Were you brother? Praise God. He was recording the whole thing. You have that available right here. You can get that and you can get the entire teaching today. And I will have to say this is an in depth for this teaching as I have ever done in one setting. I have never done it and then carried the people on the trip to the third heaven. I will want a copy of this tape myself. I have never thought about doing this and then making a tape so that people at home could close their eyes and go through this trip again. You can do it until you get to where you can do it on your own. Then you can lead people into the third heaven.

A woman speaks up. “You answered my question, if I could take a list to the throne room. You said yeah. Instead of one person, when I go into the third heaven, I can take a list of all of them.”

Thurman answered, “Oh yeah. Have your list. Have it before you and have it memorized. When you get up there have that list laying before you and have it memorized so that when you get up there with your eyes closed you can say Lord this is my aunt so-and-so. This is my mother or my father. Take them all. Take every one of them. Don’t leave anybody. That trip to the third heaven will put you above Satan and his hosts. You can do warfare from there and he cannot touch you from there. That is the only place you can go where Satan cannot retaliate against you. When I learned this principle, it is awesome when you start doing warfare from earth. You are standing right here at the pulpit and you are saying devil we have authority over you and we are taking authority over you. You start doing warfare from here. The first thing you know women in your church start having miscarriages. Now wait a minute God. What is going on? This wasn’t happening. What have we done different? People start getting sick and you can’t get them healed. Then it is time to go see what you did wrong. When you go to God and ask what did I do wrong he answers.

He said, “You got into spiritual warfare against the heavenlies and you can’t do them damage from down here because your guns won’t reach there. You aren’t doing them any damage. But you are angering them, so they are retaliating.

It is kind of like when we were in Vietnam. When I was in Vietnam we had an airplane called an F4. There is a young lady here who I was talking to the other night. She was talking about a Sesna Sitation and how it gets up to 40 or 50 thousand feet in 30 minutes. We use to fly a DC8 to 35 to 39 thousand in a half hour, but an F4 without armorment you could literally take off on the end of the runway with no weapons, no excess weight, just fuel and put both engines in full burners. When you got to the end of a 12,000 foot runway you could pull it straight up. In 90 seconds you could top out at 100,000 feet. It was so quiet up there. When you passed through 80,000 there is not enough air to sustain the engines, so they would flame out. For the next 20,000 feet you are just coasting straight up. That is how fast you are going. At 100,000 it begins to just float. It is falling. You don’t know if you are right-side-up or up-side-down except for the instruments. You fall back down to about 80,000 and there is enough oxygen to relight your engines. The beautiful part about that thing, when you got to dog fighting a couple or four or five or six Mig21s in Vietnam. If you got out there and all of a sudden there were six of them after you, guess what you can’t outgun? Six Migs against one F4!

But guess what you can do? Pull it straight up and push the engines and burners. When you get to 80,000 you can level off. They can’t go past about 50,000. At 50,000 they are dead in the water. It is no problem. From up there you can turn around and come back down, shoot a miscle and kill every one of them.

See what you can do from the heavenlies when you are above them. It is wonderful to be in the third heaven. You can take all of your loved ones at the same time. Do that every day from the third heaven until every one of them gets saved and don’t take no for an answer.

A woman asks, “In reference to the scripture where it says shall the Lord do anything unless you first reveal it to your servant, while listening to your testimony yesterday on the radio about how the Lord took your wife and daughter. I was wondering if the Lord had given it to you prior to it happening?”

Thurman answered, “No, I had absolutely no knowledge that was going to happen. That was a total shock to me. I did not know that on October 13th that when I woke up, within two hours my wife and my daughter were going to be in the third heaven permanently with the Lord. I had no knowledge. He didn’t reveal it to me.”

Another woman asks this question. “This knowledge that you have gained, have you used it to pray for Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat and all of the warring Islamic people who have been coming against us, those who consider us as infidels and the enemy?”

Thurman answers, “Unfortunately I have not. It is unfortunate that we can only be one person. I spend almost 16-18 hours every day doing something, working. Just like this. Last night we didn’t get back to the hotel until one. Then when we got to the hotel at one, Brother John, I feel sorry for him, has to drive yet another 45 minutes to where he lives. I went to bed at one and I knew it would be two by the time he got to bed. He had to come back to pick me up at ten, which means he has 45 minutes of driving. In fact he was there at a quarter till ten this morning. He had a short night last night. I thought that I had a short night last night, but when you spend that kind of time it goes by.

When I went to Many Louisiana with another preacher, we didn’t get in bed a single night before two in the morning. The first service started again at ten in the morning. After the third day down there he said to me, “Thurman you have a grueling schedule. You are going to have to stop opening the floor for questions.” I answered him people have questions and I have some of their answers, so I am going to answer as many of them as I can. If I have to burn myself out for Jesus then I am just going to have to burn myself out for Jesus.

I have not done enough of that because I haven’t had the time. But now that you have learned how to do that, some of you that have time on your hands and have nothing to do, you can do tremendous damage to the forces of darkness by catching yourself up to the third heaven. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if enough of us Christians took ourselves up to the third heaven and took authority over the demons that we could change the Muslim world into a Christian world? And what kind of power do we have? All power is given to us! So think like God. Think big. Don’t limit yourself to just your loved ones. Do your spiritual warfare.”

A young lady asks, “Going back to the other lady’s question on forgiveness, if you have lost contact with someone and you have had unforgiveness toward them, but now you have forgiven them, how can I handle this? I have heard that you can write a letter to the Lord forgiving them. Then if you ever find that person you can send it to them. Now is that Biblical? Can you do that?”

Thurman answered, “Actually forgiving someone is merely an act of your will. In other words, if you within your will say Lord I didn’t know these things. Because of my blindness to the word I did not know that when I held a grudge against so-and-so for all these years. Lord I am extremely sorry that I did that. It was because of my lack of knowledge. Now that I know and have learned the truth, Lord I forgive so-and-so from my heart. Lord I don’t have a clue where they are. You know where they are. Some of them may be dead already, so Lord I forgive them both dead and alive. From this day forth I will walk in love.

Then if that person were to call you one day then you would find out if you were telling the truth or not. Do you know how you are going to find that out? It is just like a lady on one of my tapes. I told the story. I said you must forgive everybody. She was listening to my tape. When she got to that point she stopped it right there knowing she had unforgiveness towards a lady. She said, “Lord I am sorry. I realize what this man is teaching on this tape that I have to forgive this woman and so Lord I forgive her. I will love her from now on Lord in Jesus name.”

Then she said she didn’t listen to anymore tape. She said, “I went out and a couple of days later, I left the tape right where it was, I left it there. I went to the grocery store and when I returned, there she stood at the far end of the corridor. Oh there is so-and-so. Well, I will go down this hall. I went this way. After I finished with the groceries I went in my home and said that I would finish watching the video of Thurman. I turned it back on and he said if you have forgiven the person and you walk into the grocery store and you see them at the end of the hall and you won’t go down and hug their neck, you didn’t forgive her. I had to fall on my knees and cry, Oh God I didn’t forgive her. Isn’t God wonderful? He is awesome. He knows everything. He waited till exactly the right time and brought that video up and hit her right between the running line. She had to fall on her face and say, God I didn’t forgive her.

If you forgive her you can walk up to her and say hi. How are you doing today? I love you. Praise God how are you doing. If you really forgave her then that is what you could do. It shocks people who have had an unforgiveness.”

A woman states, “I was taught that if you held a grudge against someone that you should go and ask their forgiveness.”

Thurman answers. That is true. If you can get to them that is true. If you can find them then you go and verbally do that. Say I want you to know that I held a grudge against you for the last six months or the last five years. I must ask you to forgive me. If they say okay or if they say no I am not going to forgive you, you just say okay I will love you anyway. You must forgive them.

Unforgiveness brings sickness and disease quicker than anything today. It is awful what it does to us.

Another woman asks, “We have been doing a lot of praying. There has been a lot of attack going on. He has tried telling her that she is Jezzabell, that she is not allowed to be saved, that he is going to take her life today. She has just been under tremendous pressure. She is so tired from the attack. This has been going on a long time. We’ve had a lot of deliverance prayers and all kinds of things. She has been suffering a great deal. The tumor causes psychosis too. How much of this is that her body is weak and the enemy is just taking advantage of her. I think to me that is an issue. She still has four more weeks of recuperation, but there is a lot of attack on her.”

Thurman answers. All we have to do for any kind of sins or anything that we have, all we have to do is just repent. Whatever we have done, the blood of Jesus immediately washes it white as snow. It is washed away as far as the east is from the west and God will never remember it again. Whatever the sin was, God won’t remember.

A timid woman’s voice asks, “He keeps saying that I love Lucifer and I don’t understand why”

Another lady steps in to explain. “She has been under demonic attack for a long time. Now she is hearing I love Lucifer. She is constantly being bombarded by demonic voices.”

Thurman speaks. These voices, what are they saying? I love you?

The timid woman again speaks. “The spirit is saying I love Lucifer.”

Thurman speaks again. “In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus Satan I take authority over you right now and I command you as a son of God to leave this little daughter of the king right now. Go to the pit of hell and leave her alone. I will not allow you to torment this girl any longer in Jesus name. Now Father I ask you to put warring angels around her to protect her, warring angels to keep all demonic spirits away. Lord may you walk in and come into her by the spirit of the living God and put your spirit of love and joy and peace upon this child. Fill her with the mighty Holy Spirit to keep her purged from all evil in Jesus name. Now Lord we claim it. It is done because it is written in your word. It cannot fail because it is your world. This daughter is being cleansed and purged right now. She is going to be rapidly well and normal in Jesus name. She will not hear these tormenting spirits any more. Any other words she hears will be a loving, kind word from you and not from the enemy in Jesus name. Thank you Lord.

Now you just worship the Lord and praise him. Thank him. He will do a great and mighty work in this little lady’s life.

A man asks, “Do you have to practice this going to the third heaven?”

Thurman answers him. It is really good if you do if you do it over and over then it gets easier and easier. You get to where you can see it easier and easier.

The man asks, “Tell me how Satan gets access to the third heaven?”

Thurman answers. I guess just like everybody else does because in the word of God we are told that the angels of God came and presented their selves before God in the third heaven. We are told that Satan came also. When he was there. When he was there the Lord said Satan, what do you think of my servant Job on the earth? I guess he comes in just like everybody else. I guess he just walks in, in deception. I am sure he is disguised as one of the anointed cherubs, but God always knows who he is. Evidently he is deceiving the other angels. It is very clear in the book of Job he walked right in to the third heaven, where the Father was that day, as the other angels and sons of God were coming before the throne of grace to present themselves before the Father.

The same man again says, “I asked you if this was something you had to practice because I’ve already seen hell at a time I didn’t expect it. It has changed me. It has completely changed me.

Thurman speaks. Yes, seeing hell ought to change anybody completely. It is totally without God and formless and void and heat and torment and pain and demons. You don’t want to go to that place. I could envision that. In fact it might be a good thing one day for me to practice how to take people on a trip to hell. You don’t want to go there. You’ve already been there. You wouldn’t want to make many trips there I can assure you. Do you know what it would do to us if every one of us could take a five second trip to hell? It would put you on fire by the Holy Spirit to win your lost loved ones to Jesus. I will say that. It would set you on fire. It would make you get off your duff and do something for the kingdom of God, I will say that. You would want to do something. Praise God!

A woman speaks up. “Somebody asked you yesterday if you live alone?”

Thurman answered her. I have a great big beautiful home. My wife and I saved our money to get it.

The lady breaks in and says, “No, that was not my question. I live alone. This is about me. I have gone through a lot of what she was talking about, the mind games and the forces of darkness. They try to come on you. They have tried to cut my breath off. I declare it is over. I declare it is over! The question is, for other people what do you do?”

Thurman replies to the question. For yourself, first of all you train people. As soon as the devil comes in to make you sick or attacks you, cuts off your breath or anything else, he does it all totally by deception. He physically does this. When he comes in to attack you, if you don’t know you have power over him, that he has to be subject to you in the name of Jesus, that beast will literally kill you. He will kill you. You don’t have to put up with that.

The way you get rid of him is you speak to him directly in the name of Jesus. Satan, you demon of hell that is coming against me and putting this pain on me or cutting off my breath, I take authority over you in the name of Jesus. I demand that you get out of my house and go to the pit of hell now! I am not taking no for an answer.

Can you imagine, especially since you are a lady, can you imagine you ladies who have just worked all day and cleaned your kitchen, it is the most magnificent place and not one spot is dirty in your kitchen. Then all of a sudden an old, filthy, 100 pound, muddy, dirty hog walks in the back door of your kitchen. I guess you would just say that’s okay Mrs. Pig. Come on in. You wouldn’t do that, right? Not hardly. You would grab a broom. You would start swatting at that beast and yelling get out of my house. That is exactly what you have to do with the devil. When that muddy, nasty, killing, stealing beast comes into your house to kill, steal and destroy you take God’s word, your weapons, and you drive him out in Jesus name. He will leave. If you don’t know who you are then he will beat up on you all of your life. I don’t have that problem any more. He doesn’t come by my house. When that beast stops by my house he knows he is fixing to get his butt kicked. He doesn’t stop at my house. If he does then I am going to kick him out.

A woman asks, “When you were commenting about people asking about the fact that they hadn’t heard different things in church. It reminds me of this program that comes on Monday through Friday called Open Forum on Family Radio with Harold Camping. He is telling the people that they should know this. The church age is ended. He says we are in the latter reign. They need to come out of the doctrine, the churches with all of the doctrines because God is angry with the churches. He says God is angry with the churches because they have not done what he commanded them. According to Camping, God is bringing his wrath against the churches and if we stay in them then we are going to suffer the wrath too.

Instead he instructs us to read the Bible and go out as ambassadors of Jesus Christ. We are to use the word to bring people into the kingdom because we are in the latter reign. It is good to have small groups that believe as we do in the Bible. We are to read and discuss the word with each other. He is saying to get out of these churches that are not giving people the things they are instructed to do. I would just like to know what your opinion is about that?”

Thurman Answers the woman. Definitely do not get out of the church. God’s wrath is not being poured out on his church. He died for his bride. He is giving us revelation as he will. He has given some revelation. That is why he called me as a Southern Baptist and given me revelation. I have taught things like this in a lot of Baptist churches. It amazes me that God is opening up so many Baptist churches to me because I have been a Baptist all my life. He said to go and sit down with a group of Baptists and get them healed and delivered. He is also allowing me to come to some of these wild Pentecostal churches as well. I love that. God has given me something we all can use. He has given me revelation in certain areas that is bringing great results in his kingdom.

I am going to tell you this. In these last days there will be a group of people in the church that God is going to call out of the church. This will be a unique group of people who will step into that great faith realm that I am beginning to touch. I am not there yet, but I am beginning to touch it. Your pastor is beginning to touch it. There are many others who are beginning to walk in it. He is going to raise up a group of young people, young ones, who are going to have such great and awesome faith that they literally will speak. When a tornado comes to town they are going to speak to it and people are going to see it stop. When hail comes they are going to speak to it. When they see accidents out there and they see two cars starting to run into each other they are going to speak to them and an angel is going to move and the cars are not going to hit each other. They will speak to sickness and disease and it is going to leave in massive numbers. God is going to raise those kind of people up. He is not going to do that to all of the church. He says I give these kinds of gifts showing special faith to them that I will. He is the king of the church. Last time I checked, he is still the head. Brother John told me the other day that the next time you check he will still be the king. Well, that is absolutely right.

Just be grateful that you are a part of the kingdom. Serve the Lord. Pray for others. Do what God has told us. If you find those who are not living where some of us are then pray for them. Ask the Lord to do. Catch yourself up into the third heaven. Say Lord, this church down the street, this Methodist church, this Baptist church, this Lutheran church; I have an uncle or an aunt or a sister who goes to that church. Lord they are totally spiritually dead. Father, in the name of Jesus, I take authority over the forces of darkness that are blinding their minds to all these wonderful things. I am commanding them to leave them from the third heaven. Now Lord I ask you to begin to give that church revelation and wisdom and knowledge in your word. Guess what he will do? He will do it! He honors his word when you speak it in faith! He left everything on earth in the hands of the church. Prayer is how we get it done. If we don’t pray, guess what God does? He does nothing. He does nothing with the souls of man. He’ll let the whole world die and go to hell because we don’t pray. Yet we want them to be saved, but we have not spent enough time in God’s word, asking him for the revelation to learn how to make these things work.

When you learn, it is like Brother John said a while ago. That country he was in, when they learned this revelation from God, how to catch themselves up and pray, they did this for a couple of years and then awesome things began to happen. They finally broke through. This is what is wonderful. You catch yourself up into the third heaven and you pray for somebody and tomorrow they get saved. Wow that is awesome!

Don’t let that be an instrument that will say, it worked for him in one day, so that means it will do that for me. Put my names of everybody down there and I expect all of them to be saved tomorrow. Forget it! The devil isn’t going to give up that easily. You are going to enter into a battle plan. You are going to do this every day. You are going to do your warfare. Some battles are not won the first day. Some battles are fought for days and weeks, but who is going to be the winner? You are going to be the winner. You are going to be the winner in the name of Jesus because you are not going to give up.