I would like to encourage you to memorize at least the first chapter of the book of St. James, and you’ll see in verse four the Bible talks about that we need to count it as joy when we have tests and trials, because knowing this, that we’ll become perfect and entire, wanting nothing.  And so I want to pray for you, concerning the trials and tests that are coming against you, that you would realize this is not a stumbling block, but its a stepping stone for you to be entire, perfect, wanting nothing.  So let me pray: “Dear God, I thank you for your goodness, and in Jesus’ name I take authority over the forces of darkness that comes against these wonderful people, within the sound of my voice.  And I pray that you let them know, this is opportunities as they walk in trusting you and in patience, that this is causing a perfection in their life, to whereby according to the book of James, in chapter one, that they would be perfect, entire, wanting nothing.  In Jesus name, Amen.