I want to encourage you a simple little truth, a simple little revelation that will allow you to have God’s greatest supernatural power to work in your life. And that is, making a quality decision to let unconditional love be the foundation of your existence, of your life, of your conversation, everything that you think of, everything that you do. Romans 1:16, the Bible says, the gospel is the power of God. Unto salvation, the word salvation has to do with any blessing that you could possibly need or desire in this life. So the gospel of course is the Word of God. As you study the Word of God, you find that God, His unconditional love, and His Word, they’re synonymous terms. So you could say it this way in Romans 1:16, the love of God, the unconditional love of God, is the power of God for salvation, for blessings in every area of thinking. So allow His supernatural love to work in your life and see the goodness of God lavished upon your life.