Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers from them all.

11:08 – Satan comes and stands before God. He has permission from God, to roam about on the earth, along with his demons, seeking whom he can attack, possess. Satan knows everything about your life, except what you think, because he cannot read your mind.

Intelligence about the enemy is very important. What does he do? What are his tactics? What are his strengths?

He accuses God’s people before God. (Rev. 12:9-10 – deceiver of the whole world, and the accuser of the Believers day and night)
He accuses according to your sins (the ones which have not been confessed)
He will not accuse you of anything that’s false, before God.
He tells lies to us, but he dare not tell lies to Almighty God.

If you are a God fearing, upright man, Satan is looking out for little things and he accuses you before God concerning things you have done or said. Your attitudes can sometimes be seen on your face, even lust can be seen in your eyes, pride can be seen in your face, and he can detect these things. Even though he can’t read your thoughts, he can see lust in your eyes. The Bible speaks in 2 Peter about preachers who have eyes full of adultry, who are greedy, and he can detect that. He can see anxiety, tension, and he knows a lot of what is happening in your life, and he accuses you before God about things that are true in your life.

30:30 – In a court, there is a judge, a prosecutor (accuser) and a defendant (Jesus), witnesses. We are witnesses, and we need to cooperate with Jesus, who is defending us.

33:15 – Zechariah 3 – The Lord gave Zechariah a vision, and he saw Joshua, the high priest, standing before the Angel of the Lord (Angel of the Lord is a picture of Christ, and it means messenger) and Satan, standing there, to accuse him. And God says to Satan, the Lord rebuke you Satan! There was sin in Joshua’s life, but the advocate said to remove his filthy garments (sin) and he was going to justify him.

Satan roaming around the world, accusing so many people, but have you seen my servant, Job? There is nobody like him on the earth. He brought joy to God’s heart.

Today, God still looks for people here and there, who are blameless – according to the light they have in their conscious, by the Holy Spirit – not by the light given to another brother, just by the standard of your own conscious. That’s the meaning of blameless and upright.

Here’s a man who fears me and turns away from evil, and Satan says, “Does Job fear God for nothing? He fears you because you have done so many things for him.”

38:30 – vs. 10 – This is not discussed anywhere else in scripture. Around God’s children there is a 3 fold hedge. We would never have known this if Satan had not mentioned it here.

1. A hedge around the body of the child of God (if you are born again and totally surrendered to Christ).

2. A hedge around your spouse and children.

3. A hedge around your business and your property.

A three-fold hedge around God’s children and Satan cannot get through.

Satan cannot touch any one of these three areas without first getting permission from God.

43:00 – When you lose something, or when you are attacked or your family is attacked, it is always with God’s permission, unless you have opened yourself up to the devil in some area. For example if you have bitterness in your heart against somebody – that’s like giving a foothold to the devil. You’re inviting him to come in. God doesn’t need to open up the hedge, you opened it up yourself. But you don’t have to.

This is why we have to be careful that we don’t have a bitterness against anyone at any time. It’s a wide open door for the devil. If you join hands with him and accuse people, you’re going to have problems. Because you’ll give the devil a foothold if you hold hands with him.

Or you do something wrong, and conceal it, and you thank God that no man ever caught you. You open the door to the devil, like that.

Eph 4 – especially applies to husband and wife:
vs. 26 – If you’re angry, don’t commit sin. (The best thing is not to be angry at all in your home.) Don’t let the sun set on your anger. Don’t go to bed without settling that tension between husband and wife because if you do, you’ll give the devil an opportunity to enter your home.

You don’t want to give the devil access for even one day. If you are aware of a sin, confess it right away.

To worship when you’ve lost everything is not easy. It’s a sacrifice. He didn’t blame God.