8 Prayer Watches – Every Shift Has A Different Annointing

These notes were taken from a sermon given by Steven Brooks.  The video was archived and I’m told it should be available again at some point.  As soon as I’m aware that the video is available, I will re-post it it on this page.  Until then, I hope you are able to glean something from the notes below on the 8 Prayer Watches.

Merge into the night seasons with a heart of prayer.

6pm-9pm / The Evening Watch
Matthew 14:20 – Jesus
Seeding into your future / Sewing into your tomorrow.

9pm-midnight / The Night Watch
Psalm 119:148 – King David
My eyes are wide awake through the night watches, that I may meditate on Your word.
People who lean into this prayer watch – many of them experience translation later at night.
Philip / Elijah / Ezekiel
It can also take place when you are asleep. The mind and body needs rest, but the spirit doesn’t need rest. If you go into the night season prayed up, you are primed for translation.

Midnight-3am / The Third Watch – the lonely watch
This is the time when God sends out His special forces.
Divine Anointing on this time for setting prisoners free.
Acts 16:25 – Paul and Silas were praying and singing and they were set free.
To release people out of things that they can’t get out unless you go in with intercessory prayer. – Set the people free. The enemy is slain at night. God will give you His best. He will send mighty angels to stand with you. Warring angels are different.

During a time of fasting, Steven had a vision and he saw the warring angel who was alert and in position. And another warring angels came in looked fresh and sharp and had black hair and he walked up and relieved the angel that had been with me for the last 3 years (the warring angel had grey hair and he looked fatigued).

If you don’t pray, there are people that will literally die and go to hell unless you pray.

(2:30) 3am-6am / The Fourth Watch/ Mystery Realm Watch
Some people start this watch at 2:30 because they want the best of both realms.
This is when your body is in it’s deepest sleep.
90% of his dreams have happened just before he wakes up.
Matthew 14:25 (now in the fourth watch…) Jesus walked on the water up to the boat.
The veil gets real thin and you start.
What comes out of this is amazing what it will do in your life and in your walk with the Lord.
Any believer has more power than Satan. Greater is He that is in you…
Towards the end of the watch – Job 38:12 – the Lord talks to Job

Tremendous spiritual activity going on / angels and demons

6am-9am / The Fifth Watch / Morning Watch
The equipping time
Acts 2:14 – It is only the 3rd hour of the day (9pm?)

9AM- Noon / Practice the Lord’s presence and pray without ceasing

Noon-3pm / Prayer watch of protection for loved ones
You can intercede for those who God lays on your heart.
There’s an anointing to go under the shadow of his wings at 1pm or 2pm

3pm-6pm / The 8th Watch /
There’s an anointing on this watch –
Close of business day.
At 3pm, the Lord said, “it is finished”.
This is the time to ask God for something special, including spiritual gifts.