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In this edition of Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural,” Zona Hayes-Morrow shares her life experiences and how she discovered how anyone can have victory in overcoming disease through faith.

Zona is the daughter of one of the “generals of the faith,” Norvel Hayes. Thirteen times she faced life-threatening diseases — kidney failure, heart disease and cancer. But Zona had a gift from God, supernatural stubborn faith that never quits! She wants to impart it to you!

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In her interview, Zona first tells about her difficult upbringing that included going through the divorce of her parents and dealing with a disease that gave her forty-two warts all over her body. At this time, Zona was not a believer, and she didn’t know what to do to get rid of the warts. After multiple ineffective surgeries, her father, after getting advice from Kenneth E. Hagin and experiencing a powerful visit to heaven, decided to speak to those warts and command them to leave in Jesus’ name.

Zona’s father put his hands on her knees, cursed the growths at the root in Jesus’ name, and commanded them to disappear. He continued to do this for six months, confessing this a hundred times a day, but the growths still weren’t going anywhere. When Zona expressed her frustration about the situation, Norvel said to her, “I don’t see anything. They don’t have any choice; they have to die and disappear. Thank you, Lord, for removing the growths off my daughter’s body.”

At the end of 90 days, Zona was organizing her fall clothes, and after about the sixth time of reaching her arms up to her clothes, the growths were completely gone.

At seventeen, Zona went through a marriage and divorce of her own, which pushed her deeper into the unbelieving life. But her father, a man of strong faith, wouldn’t give up on her, and through a prophecy he was led to create an atmosphere of love in their house and pray over her empty bed. When she got home that night, Zona had a moving encounter with her angel that caused her to become a believer in the Lord.

Zona says that she has had three visits from the spirit of death. The spirit declared that he would kill her because she was the closest he could get to her father, Norvel Hayes. The third time he came to her, he told her that he would kill her because she was not sharing the message with other people on how to make the devil leave you alone, and that he would not leave people alone.

But Zona knew she had authority over him, and right away she told the spirit of death, “Oh yes, you are going to leave. I bind you, and I command you to go from me, never to return again.” The demon left instantly, and he has never been back since.

Zona explains that when you bind a demon, you have to say it with authority, because the devil works with authority. You don’t have to scream—it’s all in the way you say it, because he is already defeated and under your feet, and he has to go from you.

The secret to overcoming disease through faith

Many times Zona had to fight against life-threatening diseases. But every time, Zona knew the secret to overcoming disease through faith in God’s promises. Zona tells us that the devil will try to sneak in any way he can, particularly through disease. When you get tired, and want to give up, that’s when the devil will jump on you and kill you with a disease.

But Zona wants you to know that any disease, like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer…is a name that doctors have put on a devil. And having a disease is not normal.

Zona also says that she was careful not to speak her symptoms, because symptoms are not real. They’re just symptoms. Also, while Zona was fighting kidney failure, God prompted her to never look at the dialysis machine, because doing that would make her more tired and cause her to die. So for three months, she never looked at the machine.

When she was diagnosed with dialysis the second time, she refused to let herself be discouraged. Instead she saw herself as a healed person, and thanked God for a miracle in her kidneys, and did that five or six times a day.

She reminds us of Romans 10:17, which says, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

You, too, can have victory over disease. Start thanking God for His healing power, and know that it has come to every part of your body!

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