When 90 Minutes in Heaven was first published, my Mother-In-Law handed me a copy and said, “I just finished reading this book and  I really think you’ll enjoy it.”  The title was captivating… “Did someone really spend 90 minutes in heaven and come back to talk about it?”  I was intrigued.

You see, my Mama went to be with the Lord when I was only 16 years old… she was 48.  After 8 years of struggling with breast cancer, her body finally gave out, and the Lord took her home.

Though I knew that there were no tears or pain in heaven, and that she was in a much better place, I wanted to know more about this wonderful place where I would one day see my mother again and meet my Lord and Savior, face to face.

So I graciously took the book that had been handed to me and spent the day eagerly anticipating the evening… that time of day when I would have a quiet moment… a moment set apart from the hustle and bustle of caring for my family of 7… a time when I could snuggle down under the covers and let my thoughts be carried away to heaven, by a man who had experienced it himself.

I began reading the true account of Don’s experience of traveling to a pastor’s conference, only to be involved in a horrible car accident.  He was pronounced dead on the spot by numerous medical professionals yet, after a fellow pastor stops and prays for him, he returns to life 90 minutes later and recounts his experience of heaven.

One of the things that intrigued me most was how Don Piper described being met by people whom he had known that had died before him, and how they all were happy and greeted him with open arms and hugs.

He admits that trying to describe what no man has seen or could imagine was extremely difficult. He even put off telling anyone about his experience for years because he was fearful that he would be labeled a lunatic or a liar. Eventually, he could no longer keep his life-changing encounter to himself and felt compelled to write the book.

Only the first several chapters are dedicated to the accident and Piper’s celestial experience. The remainder of the book delves into his recovery and how God worked through him to reach others for Him. His accounts are sincere and true and I finished the book feeling more hopeful about my eternal home and the welcome I will receive when it’s my turn to go home.

There are more things about heaven that Don recalls from his 90 Minutes in Heaven.  I loved the book and have given it to many others to read.  Please enjoy the following video  where you’ll hear Don speak about his experience himself.  Amazing!