In the Bible, the early church experienced an unprecedented move of God’s glory. What has happened since then? Why are millions of Christians dissatisfied today and leaving the church? What did the early church have that modern churches are missing? Through three supernatural visitations, Jesus taught John Fenn how to recapture the glory of God the first church experienced. Now people all over the world are experiencing the power of God like never before!

In this interview with Sid Roth, John Fenn speaks about the importance of House Church. He states that there is a big difference between how church was done in the first century and how it is done now, and points out that the early church met in house churches.

House Church: Relationship-Based Fellowship

Jesus came to him in a vision and inspired a new approach of creating relationship-based church fellowship.

One of the first things John noticed after Jesus’ visit was that every single book in the New Testament was written to people in living rooms. Secondly, not one of the letters in the New Testament was written to leaders or pastors.

John tells us that the whole standard of “church” was changed with the rise of Constantine and the edict of Milan. It brought the Christians out of homes where they had been for the last two hundred years. The very first structure that God gave the church was the family and the home. Jesus also told him that great “experiences” are not the only supernatural works that God does–the process of discipleship among God’s people is also supernatural. God wants to move in relationships, just as it was in the beginning. John Fenn believes that this can be more easily done when our modern church adopts the structure of the New Testament house church.

Watch this intriguing interview and learn more from John Fenn about the life-changing significance of House Church for us today!

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